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Haven’t you noticed that it’s hard to watch, listen to, or read the news without being hijacked by stories about bombings, murders, shootings, illness, natural disasters, and the like? At GratitudePlanet.com we are grateful that there is also a lot of good news in the world. There simply are trillions of reasons to feel good on planet Earth. We’re also pretty sure that the news media finds the 5% of the bad news happening today and gives it 95% of the prime time coverage. We think this is misleading, and that this is why some people believe the world has gone crazy. Law of Attraction matches you with whatever you give your attention to. What if 100% of your news reflected the 95% of the good news out there?  Our “Good News” section is for recent links to news stories that we hope will make you feel better after reading them. We hope that you will also contribute to the page if you have a link to an uplifting story. The GP staff will search for news items that will uplift and enhance your connection to wellbeing…so you can hear about some of the happenings in the world without having to wade through the pile of bad-feeling news. To get there, you can navigate from the super menu (above) or on the sidebar to your right. Happy reading…and we really mean it!  Chris-GP


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