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This holiday season will provide many opportunities for so many things. Many will gather with friends and family to toast to the New Year, and gift giving and cheer have been the order of the day recently. No matter what religious faith you may or may not align with, it has been a good time to change your normal pace and refocus your thinking. Sitting in church on Christmas eve, I was thinking about the many meanings of the Christmas season. There is a sacred Christmas, referring to the “Christ Mass” and birth of Jesus, and the secular Christmas with Santa, JC Penny, and Toys R Us. And for sure, Christmas can be sacred or secular, or a combination of both, or just a time to have fun in the winter months with friends and family…it is whatever you want it to be. At the very least I would hope that the stress of preparing for Christmas has given way to the joy of the holiday season, and that you can take a deep breath and reflect on all things you are grateful for. That is one of my goals for this most amazing day.

For years I wondered about how much Christmas was supposed to be secular or sacred for me. If it was just about buying presents and attending parties, then it was no different than other holidays like Thanksgiving or Labor day. It was just time off with friends. And if it was supposed to be completely sacred, then I felt pressure to focus all my attention on a 2,000-year-old event with little relevance for my present condition. Neither one seemed to work 100% for me. But once I discovered and understood the Law of Attraction, I was able to reconcile these questions in my own mind.

Christmas is secular, and can be enjoyed for the opportunities it brings to connect with others, be grateful and appreciative, and to give freely with a feeling of abundance. It is about giving, but it is also about receiving. If you give freely, Law of Attraction lines you up to receive freely, and your abundance flows. If the secular Christmas is only about opening yourself to give and receive freely, it is important and unique enough a holiday to appreciate with great enthusiasm. But what about the sacred side of Christmas? Jesus was born over 2,000 years ago, and taught in parables that were meant for the mind-set of people of the day. They were heard and remembered by people who lived at the time, written down by others, and translated many, many times throughout the ages. What message in the Christmas story can I celebrate and understand, and also make relevant to my present experience?

Jesus was an amazing man who had so much to teach us. His birth represents a new beginning in the thinking of humankind. He did incredible things, and said that we can do these same things, and even greater things. He came to teach us of our connection to God (which I refer to as Source Energy). He came to “save” us from limited thinking, and to encourage us to love one and other as ourselves. The birth of Christ can inspire us to rebirth our own sacred connection to Source Energy, and to remember that we have a personal, unwavering connection to all that is good. Taking conscious notice of this connection is the sacred message of Christmas for me, and I rejoice in this fact! I am constantly being created anew, and I take this season to align with my connection in a stronger and more good-feeling way. I allow the birth of Christ to be my own rebirth, and I am open to allowing these gifts into my life today. I will leave you today with words from a Christmas card that my wife and I keep as a reference to the true meaning of Christmas. May you enjoy this most amazing day of rebirth. Chris-GP

Christ came to the World as Love, so the World might come to Love as Christ.

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    1. Lee says:

      What a beautiful tribute to this most magical of seasons! Thanks, Chris, for sharing this! May the New Year see a tremendous growth for Gratitude Planet.

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