You Are Helping The Universe To Expand!

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There are times when I really yearn to be more spiritual, what ever that really means. I will meditate more often, and use my power to visualize more effectively. When I feel an urge to be a human having a spiritual experience, I adjust my behaviors to what ever degree feels right. There is always some point, however, where I feel like I fall short…when I think I should work harder, focus more, or try to be better, regardless of what I have done. It appears to me in those moments that I am chasing something unattainable, and that being “spiritual” is not the end goal at all. We often think of ourselves as humans having a spiritual experience…yet we are really spirit (Source Energy) having a human experience! This way of stating it changes the goals and focus just a bit for me, which I will explain next.

Before we choose to enter into this life of form and contrast and expansion, we are one vibration with Source Energy. This energy has been described as pure, positive energy, and it is the energy that creates and sustains the Universe. It is pure, inexhaustible, free-flowing, always available, and it is the source of everything that exists. It is a stream of energy that flows naturally to and through you. You can resist it, but you can never stop it completely. When you are born into your human form, you emerge on the “outer edge” or “leading edge” of experience, and you gain something (and you lose something too). You gain the ability to create personal preferences for what you want to be, do, and have. You are given the gift of creating new reality with your thoughts. You are given opportunities to sift through multiple ideas so that you can desire, expand, and grow. You are presented with contrasting experiences that help you know what you don’t want, so that you can be clear about what you do want. But what you lose is your perfect vibrational synchronicity to Source Energy. When you were not in human form, your vibration and your inner being’s vibration were one vibration. But from that vantage point (as one vibration) there is no growth, and no contrast exists to hone desire for more. You came here and became Source Energy as a human on planet Earth: you became Spirit having a Human experience.

The most important thing to note about all of this is that you exist for a very important reason: you are helping the Universe to expand. When you were part of pure, positive energy before you were in human form, your experience didn’t create expansion. Now that you are here, your experience creates desire, and that desire is felt by Source. The moment you desire something, Source expands to the outer limits of that desire. In other words, if you want it, Source immediately becomes the full vibrational manifestation of that desire. You might be thinking, “ya, but so what? What does that mean to me here in this life right now?” It means everything.

When your Source expands because of your experience on planet Earth, you and Source are way out of vibrational alignment. When this happens, you can tell because you don’t feel good. The discord is felt through your emotions, and you become slightly cut off from the free flow of your life force from Source. Because Source has taken the expansion that YOU asked for through your personal preferences, you will not feel good until you also take the same vibrational expansion. When you DO take the vibrational expansion, you will feel emotions like gratitude, belief, happiness, passion, appreciation, and bliss.

I am so appreciative that we always know where we are in relation to our alignment with Source Energy. Our number one job is to allow ourselves to be in alignment with the expanded version of ourselves! Source, by the way, will not retreat to a lesser vibration, so until you come up to speed with the new you, you won’t feel very good. Let your emotions be your guide, and know that you are a unique and important part of the expansion of the Universe. You are on the leading edge of thought, and everything you are matters to the eternal unfolding of everything. You are important, worthy, significant, and irreplaceable. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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    1. Merrill says:

      Personally, I think that Source Energy and our own inner beings were bored, so they created us in human form to have things to play with. LOL!!!!!

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