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Reading Chris’ post on the Emotional Scale made me think all day about how important paying attention to how you feel really is. I spent the day brainstorming tips that I hope help people use this tool even more effectively. Here they are:

  1. If you feel good, just ride it and enjoy what you are doing.
  2. When you first feel yourself becoming irritated, or whatever, just take a few deep breaths and see if it will melt back into a better feeling.
  3. If a few breaths don’t do the trick, make a few statements about how you feel in terms of the emotional scale. Say, for example, “I feel frustrated right now.” (If that feels right) Take a glance at the scale, and see what a higher vibration is above it, and reach for it with another statement like “I doubt that this stuff really works.” (Pessimism)
  4. Notice the relief it brings. Don’t expect to feel good…only the relief of feeling just a little better.
  5. Now ask yourself, what other statements can I find that feel true? Maybe “I’m tired of doing the same thing over and over again” is the best you can do. OK…that’s boredom! You have moved up again.
  6. Don’t worry if the thought you find feels worse, and you move down the scale. You can always begin again and reach for another better-feeling one.
  7. As Chris said, the words don’t matter. Only the feeling matters, so if it feels better, no matter what you call it, it is moving you up.
  8. Don’t let others tell you how you should feel. If you move from revenge to anger, and some person gets upset at your anger (and tells you to be “happy”)…please don’t use that as an excuse to go back to revenge. Tell them “my anger is a pit stop, not a rest stop!”
  9. Give yourself the OK to experiment. No one can feel for you. Only you know how your feelings feel. Be easy about your relationship to you. You are lovable…and loved!
  10. Your Source (Inner Being) loves you, and is constantly calling you up the Emotional Scale. There is energy and momentum built in to get you there. You just have to point your thoughts there, and it will be easier than you think. I guess 17 seconds of reaching is all you need on any level of the scale to get a feeling of relief.

I hope these tips help you understand the Emotional/Vibrational Scale a little better. I like reading the comments you all have been leaving, and I look forward to seeing a few from our newest visitors too. Be.Love, Hannya-GP

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    1. Merrill says:

      I’m glad you put #8 up there, because everyone is ALWAYS trying to tell me how I should feel. I guess I should tell them all to go “BUG OFF!!!” LOL!!
      Thanks Hannya. This helped me out.

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    2. Billy says:

      What’s great about this is that we don’t ever have to be “stuck” in what we are feeling. If we don’t like what we are feeling, we can move up in a relatively short amount of time.

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