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Back in December I wrote a post called “Why Wait? Live It Now!” If you haven’t read this post, you can read it first by clicking HERE. You might remember that I referred to something called “an allowing manifesto” that my wife and I made when we were creating our new beach-front living space. Today I will explain just what this is, and how you can use this tool to help you allow and enjoy the life you want and deserve. We use the term “Manifesto” because we like the feeling of declaring our intentions clearly and publicly to give us even more focus and belief. Here is what the word means in the strictest sense:

manifesto |ˌmanəˈfestō|
noun ( pl. -tos)
a public declaration of policy and aims, esp. one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Italian, from manifestare, from Latin, ‘make public,’ from manifestus ‘obvious’.

We call our document “An Allowing Manifesto” because is doesn’t represent a list of things to accomplish, but rather a list of manifestations that we expect to welcome in to our experience. It’s not a “To Do” list at all, and knowing this will help you ask for what you really want. Remember that when you understand and work with the Law of Attraction, the rules of getting things done are slightly different than what you may have done in the past. With Law of Attraction you allow your wellbeing in, and you look for the things you are wanting to see. You do your best to appreciate the new condition is if it were already here in your present moment. You let the Universe work for YOU, managing all the minutia in magical ways that you could never stay on top of with just your personal human effort and attention.

This Allowing Manifesto is kind of like a Vision Board (for more on this you can search for Gratitude Planet posts about Vision Boards in the “search” function in the tool bar). Both are creations that you make using words and images. Both help create a feeling and vibration of the new condition. Both help you clarify your Universal asking by making you choose the details and feeling-tones of the desires. But an Allowing Manifesto is more about the words than the images, probably as much as a Vision Board is more about the images than it is about the words. Here is how you would go about making your own manifesto:

  1. Alone or with someone you are co-creating with (wife, husband, S.O., business partner, etc.) have a discussion about what you would like to create and allow in one year’s time. Don’t be limited by what you think you can do by your action alone. Be open to asking for anything that feels good, and for anything that you feel would increase your daily joy. You may find this list easy or difficult to create, but stay with it until you have a list of things that you are feeling good about. Only you know what this list should be, but for a jump start consider better health, more prosperity, more friends, better focus and clarity, a romantic relationship, a new job, a new car, growth in your business, a career change, or anything you can connect with emotionally.
  2. Get a piece of paper, or open up a word processing or drawing document, and put the following at the top: Next Logical Step: An Allowing Manifesto, January 24, 2010 We use the words coined from Abraham-Hicks “the next logical step” because we want this to feel easy, natural, and in perfect timing. In other words, the intention is for the new condition to seep into your awareness throughout the year so that it doesn’t feel like a wave crashing in, but rather like a slow fade to a new and more thrilling color wash on a theater stage.
  3. Next write or type: We (or I) set the intention to allow and manifest the following into our (my) experience by January 24, 2011:” You don’t have to use the one year time frame. We choose it because it feels right to us, but you can decide for yourself if six months, eighteen months, or two months feels best. We have done three Allowing Manifestos so far, and the first one was completely manifested in seven months, and the second one is almost complete in thirteen. The newest one is 24 days old and is already well on the way to manifesting. The vibration around the asking will guide you to set the proper time frame for you.
  4. Next, write the number 1 and make a heading of the first thing you will allow. In our ’07 Manifesto, we set out to allow a new ocean-front living space. Because we live in Southern California, it didn’t feel right at the time to ask that we would actually own it, but we also didn’t want to limit ourselves by saying we would necessarily rent it either. So we just called it 1. An ability to afford an ocean-view living space, including:
  5. Once you have your first heading, make a list of specific things that you intend to manifest. If it is a new romantic relationship, describe what he/she might look like, the hobbies they might have, or the way they smile when they look at you. If it is a new car you are wanting, describe what color it will be, as well as the make and model if you know it already. Our detailed list looked like this:          

    A. at least 2-bed, 2-bath
    B. two secure parking spaces
    C. the real sound of the real ocean
    D. bright, sunny and open, yet private
    E. ocean breeze with large windows and doors facing the ocean
    F. easy commute to places of employment
    G. ample storage
    H. at least 1,000 square feet of living space with a kitchen that is a joy to prepare food in.
    I. easy access to the friendly walking-swimming beach
    J. nice place to sit outside, grill, and entertain
    K. walking distance to shops and restaurants and entertainment
    L. quiet street and friendly neighbors/neighborhood
    M. dog-friendly community
    N. perfect timing and ease finding and securing the living space
    O. pet-safe balcony that you can see through
    P. hardwood or tiled floors that are easy to keep clean
    Q. gas fireplace that works

  6. Next, write the number 2 and make a heading of the second thing you will allow. For us, we set an intention to create more income so that we could afford the increase in rent that allowing number 1 would entail. You can word it any way you want. We decided to use these words: 2. Additional income totaling $25,000 (gross) from sources TBA. It will feel like the following: Here’s a big tip with working with the Law of Attraction. We didn’t specify how the money would come, but instead how it would feel as the money came. Here is what we put under number two:                        

    A. easy to manage
    B. effortless and inspiring in the
    energy leading up to the
    C. activities that draw us forward
    D. a journey of joy
    E. activities that help people
    F. easy to attract people with connections and expertise who can help us, and be part of the unfolding

  7. Next find a few images that support the allowing vibration of the Allowing Manifesto. You may need to search a while to find these, or you may know immediately what you want the images to be. Paste these onto or into your document, and sit with it for a while. Does it feel good to look at? Are you ready to open your life to these new things? Are you thrilled by what you have asked for? Can you feel the excitement behind the fact that this is all coming to you right now? Love it, and feel the joy behind it.
  8. Next, put it in a place where you will see and read it on a regular basis. We use the fridge, or the bathroom mirror. I like having an electronic version on my computer so that I can print out copies of it in various sizes. I will put copies in the medicine cabinet, on the dashboard of my truck, on a cork board above my desk at work, and even as a screen saver on my laptop if I choose to use it there. The point is to revisit it and enjoy the fun of including these things into your thinking every day. If you live with these images and intentions in joy every day, when they begin to manifest in small ways you will smile and say “I saw that coming. Yippee! It’s all on the way!”
  9. Don’t be afraid to tell people who are close to you about the things you are creating in your life. We would say “We are excited that by next year we will be living on the ocean.” Friends would say, “Oh really…where?” We would counter “Oh, none of those details are known yet. But it’s all coming, and we are so excited about it. Law of Attraction of working on it as we speak.” If you don’t have friends who are ready to hear you talk about it like that, visualize yourself doing it to friends you will meet. It can be just as powerful to imagine it in terms of how Law of Attraction works.

That’s it! An Allowing Manifesto forces you to be specific, set a time frame, and spend time with your own joyful desires on a regular basis. If you chose to use this fun and easy tool, please let everyone at Gratitude Planet know about it. If you have done this, or something similar, in the past…tell your story in a comment post, or send it to us via the “Contact Us” tool bar. We will edit it and post it for everyone to benefit from and be inspired by. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

An Allowing Manifesto

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    1. Wayne says:

      I made one of these after reading this post and I have to say that it has helped me focus on what I want every morning and before I go to bed. I’ll let you know when I see it coming into my life so I can see it

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    2. Lisa78 says:

      I like the mix of words and pictures with specific intention in the mix. Great idea Chris.

      GD Star Rating
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    3. GP Staff says:

      You Bet Lee! It always works best to do it as it feels best…don’t make it feel like hard work. I remember the book “Illusions” by Richard Bach where the main character asks for a blue feather, and is assured that it will come into his experience. It comes in the form of a milk carton from the “Blue Feather Milk Company” soon after. So we don’t go crazy trying to make the feather appear. Instead, we get excited about HOW it will appear, and WHEN, and under what circumstances. We expect. That’s the fun part! Thanks for the comment, and all your comments over the months.

      GD Star Rating
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    4. Lee says:

      Awesome! I’m going to try this, but in a more scaled down version to start with. Then work up to the full potential that this practice has to offer. Thanks for the ideas Chris!

      GD Star Rating
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    5. Billy says:

      Wow…..this be detailed!! LOL!!

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