10 Little Things I Am Grateful For Recently!

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Author: Hannya (35 Articles)

Hannya is a Contributing Author at Gratitude Planet, a fun and connected being, and an avid dog lover.

I have been noticing some cool things recently about my own vibration. Everything seems to go in cycles and patterns of connection and contrast. I have been in a cycle of connection recently and I want to share a few moments of gratitude with you. This is my little list of things that have gone well. Maybe you can add to this list too:

  1. My dreams have felt especially restful and fun.
  2. I’ve been waking up with the feeling like it must be morning, but instead I have hours of decadent sleep left to enjoy.
  3. I have been eating well, and I feel light and strong.
  4. There has been little or no traffic on the freeways in the directions I have needed to travel.
  5. I have found a parking place on the first try every time at work.
  6. People seem to be especially cheerful and smiley lately.
  7. Watching Stephen Cobert made me laugh out loud this morning.
  8. I had a call for some extra work (unexpected income).
  9. The copy machine didn’t jam at all this week, and I made a LOT of copies.
  10. I got all my work done in the time I had to do it. I worked fast, but it all got done in perfect timing.

Can you think of ten things that went well for you recently? I know I could make a top ten things that didn‘t go well recently…but not at this moment. Right now I can’t think of one, which is exactly how I like it to be. Your point of attraction will equal your most practiced thoughts, and I love feeling good. Law of Attraction is bringing me more to match my top 10 list. The more I make lists like this, the more lists like this I will be inspired to make. I am grateful…I am appreciative…I am alive…I am living in Love. Be.Love, Hannya-GP

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    1. Lee says:

      I’m finding many of the same things as both of you. Plus, I’ve noticed that I am more at peace with myself and that others are more relaxed around me as well.

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    2. GP Staff says:

      Nice List Merrill! Joy abounds!

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    3. Merrill says:

      I’m feeling inspired by Hannya’s list. Here’s my list of 10 things:

      1. I’m enjoying the rain more than usual.

      2. My relationships are going much smoother and are more fullfilling.

      3. I am more organized.

      4. I’m getting more work which means more income.

      5. I’ve been receiving truly wonderful news about the people I love.

      6. My car is running great!!

      7. My computer is working great!!!

      8. My mom FINALLY entered the 21st century, and got herself her first ever computer!

      9. I’m feeling more confident about myself and my abilities.

      10. I’m feeling more connected to source than ever.

      Thanks Hannya for the brainstorming idea! This feels good!!

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