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Hannya is a Contributing Author at Gratitude Planet, a fun and connected being, and an avid dog lover.

With Valentines Day coming this weekend, everyone is thinking, feeling, and talking about how the energy of love moves in and out of their life. I want to offer some loving statements for you to ponder. I am ready to let more love and joy into my life, and I know you probably feel the same. Here are my statements for love and Valentine’s Day!

  1. Love flows to me, through me, and all around me always!
  2. People love me always, even if they struggle to show it in ways I can see. I accept their love completely.
  3. Love from Source Energy is never ending, all powerful, and only limited by my ability to relax and allow it. Therefore, I am in love always!
  4. I love me. I may not always please me, or anyone for that matter, but I always love me.
  5. My actions, thoughts, and feelings are in direct expression to my knowing that all is well, and that Love is why we are here. I live in love and joy!
  6. My Inner Being loves me in every moment. I choose to think more and more like my Inner Being. I see and believe in the love flowing to me always!
  7. I choose to share my loving connection with others. I love without condition, and I accept the reactions I get from this giving. It maters not how I am received…I give either way.
  8. I relax, I allow, and I receive love from Planet Earth. I know that all systems are functioning to keep us alive, healthy, and thriving. I give gratitude and appreciation for the planet we travel through space upon, and I love it in all its aspects.
  9. I love all the lovers I have ever had, and will ever have, both in this life, in past lives, and in future lives. Thank you for all the love, insights, connected moments, and deep expressions I have been blessed to share with you.
  10. I love. Period.

Be.Love, Hannya-GP

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    1. Lee says:

      Beautifully stated, Hannya.

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