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Law of Attraction Tips for Wellness and Prosperity

Law of Attraction Tips for Wellness and Prosperity

Hello Everyone! I would like to extend a hardy “Thank You” to you all for making Gratitude Planet part of your daily reading and vibration-raising routine. I know some of you have been with us for months, and some of you are reading this post as your very first post. Either way, we appreciate the time and focus you are spending here. In September 2009 we started this site with the intention of adding value and joy to the lives of people all over the planet, and we are grateful to report that things are going very well. In our first month (9-09) we attracted 860 visits to, and 4,978 page views. Not bad for the first month, before we had any ranking at all in the search engines! In February 2010 we had 5,951 visitors, and 28,715 page views. In total, in our first six months from September to February, we have logged a respectable 20,595 visits and 90,084 page views!  Each day we get more and more registered users, and this expansion is accelerating as well. The trend has been a steady upward climb every month, and again, we are so grateful and appreciative that people are finding value in the site. We have a small yet growing following of loyal users who leave post comments, though we know there are many more readers than there are people who like leaving comments…and that is OK. We have received some feedback from registered users that indicates to us that the comment interface isn’t as intuitive as it could be, so I would like to explain, briefly, some features of the postings that you may not have known about up to now.

At the top right of every post is a pink box that looks like a dialogue box from a cartoon, and it has a number in it:

When you click on it, the number turns into an “X” and a comment box appears at the bottom of the post:

Here you can add your thoughts or comments (log in is required so that spammers can’t mess up the place easily) so that everyone can share in your experience of the material. Another cool thing that appears after you click on the pink box and leave a comment is a “related posts” box that recommends others posts that feel like the one you just commented on. It looks like this:

From here you can click on one of the suggested postings and explore a little deeper into the topics of Law of Attraction. Leave a comment on one of the recommended posts, and you will get another list of similar articles that feel the same. I am sure that the GP Community that hasn’t posted yet is not aware of this awesome feature, and I hope more will use it in the future. Another feature you will experience when you leave a comment is the “author box.” It appears at the top of the post after a comment is made and looks like this:

It is just a little bio of the author, and gives you a chance to know a little about them. Some of them are more extensive, and in the case of some guest contributors, it has specific contact information or links  that you might find interesting. Once a comment is made, you can rate the comment on a scale of 1-5 for how it made you feel, and you can vote it “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.”

As more and more people rate our posts and comments, you will be able to search for the highest rated material if you choose to, and skip the lower rated material. You will also notice a button called “Share/Save” that gives you many options to let your friends know about a post you enjoy:

It is an intuitive interface that takes only a few clicks to navigate through. Try it and see if it works for you. Speaking of telling friends, registered users have an administration page that includes a dashboard button that looks like this:

The bottom button called “Invite Friends” opens up another box that looks like this:

It’s so easy, and your friend will get a short email telling them about Gratitude Planet, and letting them know that you invited them to check out the site. I am so glad you found us, and we intend to make your experience here better and better with time. If you have suggestions for us, you can contact us through the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page. We also want to thank those who have taken the time to donate to Gratitude Planet through the “Donate to GP” button. We know that the time and money our staff spends on Gratitude Planet comes back to us in so many ways, and we are grateful for your continued support, no mater how you choose to express it. As we grow we may expand to include some targeted, Law of Attraction-related advertising…but donations will always be accepted, available, and greatly appreciated. On behalf of the Gratitude Planet staff and team of contributing authors, thanks again for a great first six months of joy and expansion. In Love and Appreciation, may you enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris, Managing Editor,

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      This post makes me feel so good!! This is a great site with great people. YAY GP!!!!

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