Good News Abounds If You Look For It!

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Isn’t it a little disconnecting to listen to the news? It seems like it is next to impossible to listen to an hourly update on National Public Radio without news of death and gloom happening somewhere in the world. The problem with this is, of course, that you can’t give your attention to something unwanted without including it in your vibration. Anything you look at, observe, associate with, or perceive in any way becomes part of your personal vibration…the same vibration that you send out to the Universe asking for more of the same. Remember that the Law of Attraction is always working perfectly to line you up with more of what you are offering in every moment. So what ever you include in your perception, you get more of over time. Everyone gets to choose what they give their attention to, so we advise you to choose only things that feel good when you think them…and literally ignore the rest. You may ask, “but what if I end up living under a rock, not knowing what is going on in the world?” And we say, if you feel good under the rock, blissfully unaware, through your connection you will attract many good things to you. And you may still worry “how can I function without the news and without knowing about the world around me?” It’s doesn’t need to be an “either/or” question. I suggests the following: Make your own news! Sift through the news looking for things that make you feel good while reading about them. For example, if the unemployment rate goes to 10%, think about the fact that nine out of ten people still have a job, and that things for the others will get better very soon. That feels better than focusing on the part of the story that feels bad when you read it. In fact, there may be only 10% bad news going on in the world right now. Just because the media scrapes up these bad stories and gives them 90% of the air time does NOT mean you need to give it 100% of your attention. What is the good news for you today? I can think of ten bits of good news in my life this morning:

1. I slept well last night

2. Loved breakfast today

3. Enjoyed a conversation with a friend last night

4. Found something I thought I lost

5. Fixed my internet connection

6. Digested my food efficiently

7. Had a good chance to do yoga and meditate this morning

8. Saw many smiling faces on my morning walk

9. Attended a great concert last night

10. Met some new friends that have common interests with me lest night

Are these stories of good news? You bet! Why give your attention to a small amount of bad news that is blown all out of proportion? Try giving your full attention to the 90% of the news that is closer, more real to you, and that feels good right now. You’ll be glad you did, and quickly you will feel good, connected to the world, and ready to receive all that you are asking for. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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    1. Billy says:

      I also read very little of the newspaper. I find I focus more on life if I’m not reading about death and destruction. Great post, Chris.
      Thanks, also, for the good news segments. They are much appreciated!!

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    2. Merrill says:

      I really like the graphic!
      I also like the list.
      I’d like to add some of my own:
      I breathed the fresh, clean air into my lungs.

      I was spiritualy filled up today.
      I got my assignment done early.
      I saw a beautiful tree.
      My car started.
      My clothes are clean.
      I have a roof over my head.
      The chocolate chip cookies were AMAZING!!!
      My body works.

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    3. Lee says:

      What a great way of thinking! I do this with the news paper everyday. I only read what is uplifting and positive. The rest goes in the recycle bin. : )

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