Law of Attraction and the Vortex: All Aboard!

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If you do a web search for “Law of Attraction” you will see references to something called the “Vortex.” If you haven’t heard this term before, you will probably be confused and wonder what this vortex thing is. The term was coined through the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham. The Gratitude Planet staff always intends to reinforce and expand the amazing material presented by Abraham-Hicks, while adding our own unique tips, insights, and perspectives. For this reason, I want to explain briefly the Vortex as presented by Abraham-Hicks so that it can be used as a reference here, and so that you can better use the concept to enjoy and expand your personal joy as well.

The Vortex is not a place, per se, but it is easier to think of it as a place because of our physical perspective. The textbook definition is this:

vortex |ˈvôrˌteks|
noun ( pl. -texes or -tices |-təˌsēz|)
a mass of whirling fluid or air, esp. a whirlpool or whirlwind.
• figurative something regarded as a whirling mass : the vortex of existence.

So on planet Earth, a vortex is just spinning air or fluid, like a tornado or a whirlpool. It is a place where these physical elements are bound up and contained in a rotating funnel. Why would you want to be in the middle of a tornado? You really wouldn’t want to be. So what’s the big deal here?

The Vortex, in Law of Attraction terms, is a state of vibration where you are connected to Source Energy. It is the state of being in alignment with who you really are. It is the state of being you experience when you are allowing everything you want to flow to you effortlessly. It is what some people call “being in the zone” or what Chinese philosophy refers to as living the “Tao.” Being “in the vortex,” then, simply refers to a vibration where you are flowing God-force through you, and when you are in a state of connection, joy, and appreciation. It is the natural state we are born into, and it is the state to which we all yearn to be in more often. It isn’t a place, but it is a vibration. As physical creatures, however, it is easier to imagine being either in or out of this location where our connection resides. You can move toward it, or away from it, and once you are in it, everything lines up perfectly for you, and you flow the energy that creates worlds, cures illnesses, and expands your connection to every particle and consciousness in the Universe. The Vortex represents your path to health, wealth, prosperity, wellness, love, appreciation, expansion, connection, and your eternal self. It is possible to spend most of your waking moments in the Vortex, and the only thing that can keep you outside of it and disconnected from these things is YOU. How so?

Your attention and feelings determine your proximity to the vortex, and you can feel your feelings and direct your focus at all times. Look at something and feel how you feel. If it feels good, keep looking. If not, find something else to observe. Think a thought and feel how you feel. If it feels good, keep thinking those thoughts. If not, find something else to think about. Over time you will get really good at determining if you are feeling better or worse based on your thoughts and observations. If you get feeling good enough to feel optimism…you are entering the vortex! Once inside, if you keep thinking and feeling and thinking and feeling, you will align with feelings that feel like happiness, passion, love, appreciation, and bliss. Your life will take on a magical quality. Parking spaces will appear when you arrive at work, traffic will flow better for you, people may send you money, or events that seem like chance will work out in your favor. All kinds of cool things await you in the vortex. It’s up to you to get there. This is your only real work. And here’s the best news of all: you are never very far away from being in the vortex if you have an intention to be there. As you release your struggle and relax into your well being, you can move up the vibrational/emotional scale in minutes. Dare yourself to be in the vortex more today than you were yesterday. Everything you want awaits you. Enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP

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    1. pagan says:

      Right here is the perfect webpage for anyone who really wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I really would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic that’s been written about for ages. Excellent stuff, just wonderful!|

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    2. Billy says:

      Amazing post, Chris!
      You know, scientifically speaking (I watch a lot of Discovery Channel), the center of a tornado is the calmest, most peaceful place to be. So it makes sense that we would want to be smack dab in the middle of the vortex, where all is peace and serenity.

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