Law of Attraction and Health: Flexibility Is A Virtue!

Tell yourself this affirmation: “I am flexible, allowing, loving, and healthy. I love every cell in my body right now.” Say this several times to yourself and notice what happens in the areas of resistance. What I found this morning was that the areas of holding and resistance melted away from my awareness immediately, and I was peaceful and pain-free in the posture. I could then choose to start the cycle again by going deeper into the pose, or deciding that I would find a new position.

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March 18th, 2010 by GP Staff

Blissed Out Really Means “Blessed-In!”

I have experienced personally how the Law of Attraction brings you more and more of what ever you focus on. As I have been choosing to turn from yuck and steer toward yes, I have been getting more and more “YES!” In fact, I didn’t think there was this much “yes” out there for little ‘ole me. The more I choose feeling good, the more I see to feel good about. It’s not a vicious cycle, it’s an upward spinning vortex of joy that I can’t seem to stop (and why would I want to stop it!)

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March 16th, 2010 by Hannya

As Your Thoughts Change, So Will Your Life!

So when I suggest that you change your thoughts to change your life, I am really suggesting that you change your average vibrational offering. I am encouraging you to feel a little different than you usually do. I know this can seem confusing, but if you pay attention to the way your thoughts feel, and then choose new words that feel a little better, you will start changing your vibrational average, and hence your point of attraction.

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March 15th, 2010 by GP Staff

Your Point Of Power Is Always In The Present!

So if my point of power is always in the present, then I can really be, do, or have anything that I give my full attention to. There is nothing that is off limits to me because I can change my past and future to equal my highest view and desire of my present. To me now, and even when I was a 12-years-old, this seems like the ultimate in freedom and expansion; there is no place I can’t get to from where I am, so I can relax and accept where I am at any point on my journey.

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March 13th, 2010 by GP Staff

Trust That There Is Always More Ahead!

So in your darkest times, don’t forget that there is a world of love, bliss, and connection available to you. Don’t forget that you can be feeling good in no time, and that you have the power to change your experience for the better. You can’t see bliss from depression, but you can’t see depression from bliss either. You can always move toward what you want to feel, and this life is eternal. Relax and observe your life today, no matter where you are. It can always get better, and the Universe has no end to the joys it can send your way!

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March 11th, 2010 by Hannya

Choose Freedom Through Gratitude and Appreciation!

Most people live within their self-imposed limits in terms of what they think, how they feel, and the actions that they let themselves take. Practicing an Attitude of Gratitude helps you relax into the flow of your life by letting go of your self-imposed resistance by using a habit of positive thinking. Through your gratitude and appreciation, you see evidence in your experience of things working out for you. You feel the pride of good news in your life. You take action in a secure knowing that things can go your way, and probably will work out for you in a positive way.

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March 11th, 2010 by Marie Gee

Everything You Want Is Available Right NOW!

If you want a new intimate relationship, you would do well to spend time in the present savoring how wonderful this relationship already is, enjoying how you feel in the new relationship, and letting yourself bliss out about it right now. If you try, you can “trick yourself” into enjoying the relationship even before it appears! And once you learn this technique: to appreciate, love, and enjoy things before they manifest…you will change your life into a magical expression of bliss, allowing, and connection. You see, once you think you have something, to the point of being grateful and appreciative for it NOW, it will be matched and intensified by Law of Attraction, and your experience will expand to include more of it.

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March 9th, 2010 by GP Staff

Tips For Filling Your Vibrational Gas Tank!

In my latest post, I promised to contribute a list of tips that I use to fill my emotional/vibrational gas tank. Here they are, and I look forward to hearing any others that you might have as well. Remember that your feelings and emotions tell you everything you need to know about your connection to […]

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March 7th, 2010 by Marie Gee

Good News Abounds If You Look For It!

Isn’t it a little disconnecting to listen to the news? It seems like it is next to impossible to listen to an hourly update on National Public Radio without news of death and gloom happening somewhere in the world. The problem with this is, of course, that you can’t give your attention to something unwanted without including it in your vibration. Anything you look at, observe, associate with, or perceive in any way becomes part of your personal vibration…the same vibration that you send out to the Universe asking for more of the same…Our staff suggests the following: Make your own news! Sift through the news looking for things that make you feel good while reading about them. For example, if the unemployment rate goes to 10%, think about the fact that nine out of ten people still have a job, and that things for the others will get better very soon.

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March 6th, 2010 by GP Staff

Should You Try To Feel Gratitude or Appreciation?

The key is connecting to what you are feeling. So in your gratitude, color it with a good dose of appreciation, and connect to the best feeling you can find. How you feel is always the best indicator of your Point of Attraction, and gratitude and appreciation are always close to your Vortex, the place where you are completely connected to Source Energy and allowing all good things to flow to you.

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March 5th, 2010 by GP Staff