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This morning I want to share a few brief words contributed by Gratitude Planet Community member ellieangel39. She sent this to me recently, and I would like to feature it today as a sort of “thought for the day” for you to read, ponder, and maybe even meditate upon. May you enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

Whatever you are seeking
is also seeking you,
it’s in your thoughts
and in your mind
and in everything you do.

You are just like a magnet,
attracting what you think about.
And even more you are attracting
what you really feel about.

Become a deliberate creator,
think and feel for what you want,
giving no attention to
those things you do not want.

Choose your thoughts deliberately.
Choose your feelings this way too.
Then your wishes and your dreams
will find their way to you.

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    1. Lee says:

      This is a fantastic poem, Ellie! So many truths inside of it. Thanks for writing it!

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    2. Merrill says:

      Great Poem! Thanks for posting!

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