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I am a visual artist from Maine. I love skiing and white water rafting. I am currently a watercolor freak.

I choose love whenever I can. Love is a vibration that feels good, that has no resistance, and that fills me with joy. Choosing love is easier than you might think it is. It does not mean pretending to love when you feel angry. It does not mean smiling when someone wrongs you. Choosing love has nothing to do with being disingenuous. It means being genuine, and being genuinely open to flowing the power of Source through your body and mind as much as possible. Do I get disconnected? You bet I do, because I am a human being on planet Earth. That’s part of the deal I agreed to when I emerged here on my first birthday. I knew that there would be connected times as well as disconnected times. But I never agreed to hold myself in a state of disconnection, or to look for things that made me feel bad. I came here, on planet Earth and in this body, to live fully…and this means loving fully!

I am always looking for excuses to love. We ignite our life with vigor when we allow our self to love fully. But how can you love fully with so many distractions in your day? I just let myself BE distracted by opportunities to love. Here are a few instances when I have loved recently:

  • I sat on a rock near my house and heard the call of a cardinal in a high tree near by. I drank on the call of this majestic bird. I loved the sound.
  • I took a bubble bath. The water was warm and soft. I breathed deeply and loved the moment.
  • Someone complained to me at work. I thought about how they were doing the best that they could, and I felt their good intentions. My reaction turned from confusion to love as I saw her for the extension of God that she is.
  • I looked at myself in the mirror and saw lines on my face and bags under my eyes. Then I saw the person behind those lines and bags…the person who earned them! I saw myself as a wise and complete human in the moment. I felt love for myself.
  • My dog came to me and licked my face. I love my dog. (That was an easy one!)
  • I spent five minutes on Facebook leaving a few positive comments for a few wonderful friends. I love the convenience of Facebook.

It goes on and on. If you want to fully live, you have to look for more opportunities to love. Loving is easy when you expect to love. Let loving be your intention, and look for opportunities to express your love, gratitude, appreciation, and connection in each moment you encounter. The Law of Attraction will respond quickly to your vibration of love, and you will increase the joy in your life to levels that will blow your mind. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you liked this post!  Lisa-GP

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    1. GP Staff says:

      I liked this post. Keep ’em coming because I love your style!

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    2. Lee says:

      What a beautiful expansion of love. I live my life by many of the same rules that you do. It’s a joy to find the things and people in life to love. It’s such an uplifting experience.

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