Is It Time To Upgrade To “YOU” Version 2.0?

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I am such a MAC Geek! I love to hear the gossip about the new Apple products, and I am excited about the new iPad, though I am waiting to let the hysteria die down a little before I even try to get my hands on one. You may have heard that a new version of the iPhone is coming out, possibly this June. Apparently, one of the developers of the new version of the iPhone was kicking back at a bar and left his prototype phone on the bar where it was found by someone who then, in turn, sold it to the media. The media buyer examined it, broke it open, photographed it, and put all the information up on their website. While I can’t condone what they did, it was interesting to see what the new version will probably look like and what kind of functionality it will have. I think we all like to dream about the latest and best version of our gadgets, and we like to know it’s on its way, emerging into our experience. I also think the same holds true with the latest and best version of US as well!

Do you know that right NOW there exists a very real, yet-to-be-released version of YOU? Did you know that this upgraded version of YOU has all the functionality and conveniences that you have been hoping for? This newer generation of YOU is designed to be the perfect advance over the present version in every way. It was created by YOU, for YOU, and is awaiting your permission to be released into your present by…you guessed it…YOU! How can this be? Let me explain.

When you live your life, you have many experiences that cause you to feel different emotions and feelings. Some emotions feel really good, and others feel not-so-good. These two kinds of emotions can be referred to connected or disconnected vibrations. When you feel any emotion you send out a vibration to the Universe, and this vibration is matched by the Law of Attraction and sent right back to you. If you feel connected on average over time, you begin to see more and more evidence or things appearing in your life that help you feel connected. People are nice to you, parking spaces appear, and traffic flows swiftly in the direction you need to go. Likewise, if you feel disconnected on average over time, you will feel the weight of the world working against you in various ways that will encourage you to feel more and more disconnected. You will have things break, people will appear snarky, and you may sit in traffic often. So it is always in your best interest to choose thoughts that help you feel connected on average, because Law of Attraction is matching your vibration, so the better it gets, the better it gets. But wait, you say, I can’t feel connected all the time. Am I messing up my life when I feel disconnected? The answer is no, disconnection will happen. It’s how you handle disconnection that makes the difference.

When you have a disconnected moment, you are acutely aware of what you DON’T want, because you are living a crappy-feeling experience of what you don’t want. Your vibration races out and is heard by Source Energy. But while Law of Attraction starts bringing you more disconnection, Source Energy gets to work creating the new version of YOU based on what you have concluded you DO want through your disconnection. This new version of you (we’ll call it 2.0 for fun) is completed and ready for you to upgrade to whenever you choose to. It is waiting for you, and it is calling you. The only problem is that you have to move away from the vibration that created it (disconnection) and into a new vibration (connection) so it can arrive to you. This means literally turning from the old version to the new version even before the new version appears. (OK, now you are really confused, right?) Here’s an example to help clarify:

You want to lose weight, and you see a picture of yourself looking HUGE and then you feel horrible (disconnection). You want more than ever to be slim, trim and healthy, and you are pissed off about your present state. Law of Attraction brings you people feeling about the same way you do: fat and out of shape. But Source Energy creates the 2.0 version of you through the disconnected experience, and you now have a slim, trim, and healthy version of yourself ready to emerge. But if you keep focused on what is, you can’t allow what you have created. If you tell the same story, feel the disconnection of the present, and get discouraged all the time, you can not let the new version of YOU become your new reality. The key is to start feeling thinner, tell thin stories, and feel better as much as you can. Look for images of health and abundance, and picture in your mind’s eye the new version 2.0 you have created in vibrational reality. It’s real. It’s ready for release. If you are doing this consistently, you will know because Law of Attraction will start sending you people that are losing weight (or who have lost weight), and who are feeling good about their physical image. You will find yourself feeling better and better around this topic. Just relax and allow the new you to arrive to you. Be happy to release old patterns, no matter how comfortable they may feel. The latest and greatest YOU is here. Enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP

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    1. Lee says:

      I love upgrades! You get the most improved, fastest acting version with the best features!! Bring on my new version!!!

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