How You Talk About It Is How You Will Live It Later!

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Author: Marie Gee (26 Articles)

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I like chatting with my close friends and laughing about some of the ridiculous situations I find myself in on occasion. I think most everyone has some funny stories to tell about being in a real-life sitcom called “reality.” Life certainly has the ability to thrill us, get our attention, and make us mad, sometimes all at the same time! But when I choose to relive an event by telling someone about it, I am choosy about how I tell it, and I really pay attention to how I feel when I tell it. I know that the Law of Attraction can’t tell the difference between the event I experienced, and the experience of retelling the account of the experience. In other words, when I tell someone about what happened, vibrationally it’s like it is happening again. In the act of retelling the experience, I charge up Law of Attraction to bring me more of the same. So, for example, if someone brings me flowers and sings a song to me, and I tell ten people about it throughout the day on different occasions, Law of Attraction thinks that I had eleven wonderful experiences of people bringing me flowers and singing to me. Chances are that I will attract other experiences that feel the same as that one, even if it looks different on the surface (remember that it’s all about vibration and how things feel). By telling my story ten times I got myself in the Vortex, and I whipped up the yummy vibration of the experience so that it could summon more experiences like it. And that’s how it works in a nutshell: the stories you tell determine what you will be living in the future.

Of course, this works no matter how your story feels. Law of Attraction gives you more of what you focus on, even if it feels bad. So let’s say that you have a fender-bender on your way to work. You are angry that it happened, and to make matters worse, you were late for an important meeting. It is important to communicate to your coworkers what happened, and to explain why you were late. You may also choose to cry on the shoulder of a friend at some point in the day, which is necessary sometimes. But now you have to decide if you are going to tell this story ten more times. If you are willing to relive it ten more times with anyone who will pause to listen to you, then you are creating eleven fender-benders for Law of Attraction to grab onto. You are asking for more of the same, even though you don’t think you are. If you choose this path, get ready for the essence of “fender-bender” to reappear in your experience soon. I have heard people say that “bad things come in threes,” and I wonder if retelling the story has something to do with it?

Nothing comes in threes. Everything comes in relation to the vibrational signal you offer. Your stories about reality replay that reality until you create a new reality. Notice the stories you tell today and decide if you like the story enough to live it again in reality. If you liked the flowers, tell that story if someone will listen, and tell it to yourself if no one will listen. Law of Attraction, by the way, can read your vibration through your thinking, so you don’t even need to talk. It’s simple: talk about your life the way you want it to be, and it will unfold in line with your words and feelings. Be human, and be angry when you feel angry. Just don’t tell your angry story ten more times. Decide to tell “optimistic” stories instead. Get it? I know you do. Focus on your gratitude and appreciation for the things you already have if you need a new story to tell. It works for me! Be Well, Marie-GP

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      Tell the story you want to tell. I like it!

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