Prosperity Increases When You Give More To Others!

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Today I want to make a few statements about creating and attracting more prosperity into your life. Some people mistake prosperity for only money, thinking that having more money brings prosperity. But prosperity is a way of living that allows more and more wellness and abundance into your experience. It is a form of consciousness where you live in a perfect balance of giving and receiving. It is a mindset formed from within the Vortex where you are connected to Source Energy and living with the full knowledge of the endless outpouring of prosperity available to all. Money does not create prosperity, but having more money IS a logical outcome to practicing prosperity thinking. If you want to increase your experience of money, focus instead of increasing your prosperity thinking, feeling, and acting. The money will follow, and so much more as well. Let’s look at what it means to feel, think, and act prosperous.

The ancient Chinese philosopher and teacher Lao-tzu (551-479 BCE) wrote a text called the Tao Te Ching over 2,500 years ago. The 81 verses are full of insight even for today’s modern world. In the 81st verse, Lao-tzu gives advice about being prosperous.

“The Master has no possessions.
The more he does for others,
the happier he is.
The more he gives to others,
the wealthier he is.”

But you might be thinking, “If I have no possessions, I will not have the money I desire. I won’t even need money if I don’t have any stuff.” The seeming contradiction here is the key to understanding prosperity consciousness: to receive, you have to give; to have and enjoy your stuff, you have to release its hold on your vibration. We sometimes try really hard to “make money” and to hoard what ever we amass. But the laws of the Universe are such that we must create a flow of “in and out” into our thinking. The Law of Attraction reads our vibration always, and magnifies the experience by matching it with other vibrations that are like it. So if you want more money, but you can’t give any away because you are afraid of not having enough, the Universe hears you thinking and feeling “I don’t have enough” and you remain without enough. When you worry about losing your possessions and fear that you must protect all your stuff from others who would take it away, your attachment to it all can keep you from enjoying what you have, and from increasing your joy. When you decide not to tip a waitress because you don’t feel you can afford to, the Universe, through Law of Attraction, agrees with you and keeps you in a consciousness of lack.

To practice prosperity consciousness, look for ways to give to others. This can be through money, but it doesn’t need to be just through money. You can give away your time, talents, and even your positive attitude to others. You can give a smile, or a comforting word, or a helping hand, or a kind gesture. Giving is a way of being, and through giving, you tell the Universe to fill your cup. You become wealthy in so many ways: friends, inner peace and joy, and also an increased flow of money. Prosperity is a way of living in the flow, within the Vortex. Prosperity releases and then it receives, and then releases and receives. Stop this flow, and you make it almost impossible to allow your life to feel abundant. Try giving more for 30 days and look for evidence of increased prosperity in your life. Feel how rich you feel. If you feel rich, your life MUST become rich in all ways…it is law. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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