It’s Time To Do Your Job!

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There used to be a commercial for the company “Dunkin’ Donuts” where a guy would wake up at 3:00 A.M. and stumble around getting ready for work. All the while he looked half awake and repeated the phrase “It’s time to make the doughnuts.” It was his job to get up early, put everything into place, and make it easy for the customer to get a fresh, hot doughnut at 6:00 A.M. with their coffee. The commercial usually ended with the guy smiling at the customers and enjoying his work. It must have been an effective ad campaign because it ran for years…and I still remember it today. It makes me think about how we all have a job, but I’m not talking about the job you get paid for; I’m talking about the job we all have to notice how we are thinking, feeling, and what we are doing every day. It’s the job of harnessing the Law of Attraction to your advantage to allow your life to be more fulfilling, thrilling, and magical!

When people first learn (or remember) that thoughts create reality, they sometimes feel a burden to censor their thoughts, feelings, and actions. They become like the guy making the doughnuts and say, with a sarcastic and lethargic tone “it’s time to be happy. I have to stop thinking what I am thinking.” This IS a burden. It’s no fun to try to stop thinking and feeling a certain way, especially if you have been in a set pattern for a long time. It is much easier to take a deep breath and reach for the feeling of relief that comes through thinking a better thought. Hear the difference: stop a thought, or think another thought.

When you give your attention to anything, you become a match to it. Give enough attention to something over time, and the Law of Attraction will show you real-life manifested evidence of it in your own life. Giving your attention to stopping something also just makes you a match to it. So if you try to stop anyone from doing something, you add Universal energy to the system that sustains it, and you actually increase the “reality” of this unwanted thing in your world. Try to lose weight, and you will have a hard time; focus on your thin and healthy body, and you will attract the resources to make your thinness real. Law of Attraction is like the Law of Gravity in that it works fairly, consistently, and continuously. Law of Gravity doesn’t care what you drop, and it acts on every object of similar mass the same way. Law of Attraction doesn’t care what you focus on, and makes no value judgments either way. It’s only job is to bring you more of what you focus upon.

So what is YOUR job in all of this? It’s NOT to make the doughnuts. It’s not to feel a burden of needing to stop your thoughts. Your job is simply to notice how you feel. Your feelings will be a direct reflection of how your thoughts match your inner desires for a better and expanded life. (Read that again.) When you feel emotions like worry, blame, doubt, or fear, you are reacting to thoughts that you have been thinking recently. Turn your attention to the best thoughts you have access to. Notice how you feel. Do you feel better? Not good, just better? If so, keep shining the light of your attention in that direction. Feel better? Keep it up. Feel worse? Turn and refocus on another thought or topic. In time you will guide yourself toward thoughts that feel better without needing to stop your thoughts in any way. You will notice, too, that the thoughts you might have tried to stop have disappeared from your vibration completely. Your job, then, is to think and feel, and think and feel, and to reach for the thoughts that feel the best. That’s it! It’s time to do your job, but your job is easier than you think it is. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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    1. Billy says:

      I remember that commercial too, Chris! It always made me hungry for doughnuts! LOL!!

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