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Christina is a contributing author at Gratitude Planet. She is a professional musician, midwestern native, and a mom to two very adorable girls.

There are days that everyone has when it’s hard to be grateful. Something has gone wrong, or people are getting in your business, or some problem has your attention to the point that you can’t feel a bit of bliss. In these times, refer to the following list of things to be grateful for. Each is an often-overlooked miracle happening on a daily basis:

1. Thank you for my re-emergence from sleep back into a waking state. (I’m still alive)
2. Thank you for the sun coming up again this morning.
3. Thank you for my lungs that keep me breathing all night without my attention.
4. Thank you for my heart that keeps blood flowing to my body at all times.
5. Thank you for the people in my life who love and support me.
6. Thank you for the space I call home, and for the safety and comfort it affords.
7. Thank you for the food I eat that keeps me healthy and strong.
9. Thank you for the plants and animals of this planet that help balance the environment.
10. Thank you for my mind, thoughts and emotions that help me know when I am connected to Source Energy and thriving in the Vortex!

We all can be grateful and appreciative for these (and so many other) gifts we see everyday. Take a few moments to expand this list so that you have even more reasons to feel just a little better. You can attract anything you desire to you through Law of Attraction, one grateful thought at a time. In Joy and Appreciation, Christina

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    1. Merrill says:

      I like the screaming face, Christina!

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    2. Chris says:

      Great post Christina. We need to remember all the things we normally take for granted. They are indeed magical manifestations too!

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