Twelve Steps To Gratitude!

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Author: Marie Gee (26 Articles)

Marie is a contributing author and technical assistant at Gratitude Planet. She loves music, fine wine, and great coffee.

Today I offer my TOP 12 reasons I can think of to be grateful and appreciative. What would your list look like, based on your day?

1. Thank You for the way I awoke refreshed this morning, feeling good and in the Vortex.

2. I am grateful for Law of Attraction that always matches me up with more of what I think, feel and do.

3. I appreciate my partner who had sweet things to say to me over a cup of coffee. Even my coffee smiled at me!

4. I love the way the sun came up to shine a clear ray at me and warm my face.

5. I am grateful for my car that starts every day and gets me to work safely.

6. I give thanks for the safe drivers on the freeways who are clear minded and connected.

7. I give thanks for my iPod (and car input jack) that is always ready to serenade me with my favorite songs.

8. I appreciate my job for the prosperity and fun it brings to my daily life.

9. I love my family for being who they are and for loving me as I am.

10. I am grateful for the smiles I receive from strangers I see while walking the sidewalks of my city.

11. I appreciate the internet for making my life easier to manage and easier to navigate through.

12. I am grateful for the Source Energy pulsing through every fiber of my consciousness. I am alive, free, and eternal! Thank you so much…    Be Well, 8) Marie-GP

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    1. Merrill says:

      This sounds better than the 12 step program from A.A. LOL!!
      In all seriousness, it’s always good to tell of all the things we are grateful for. Gets us closer to the vortex.

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