Things Just Always Work Out For Me!

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I am sitting at the airport enjoying a free WiFi connection and feeling very grateful and appreciative. Have you ever had a day where you weren’t sure that you had the time or organization to get everything done, yet the street lights, helpful people, and circumstances all aligned to make it work out perfectly? This used to happen to me every once and a while. But since I have been coming to understand Law of Attraction more and more, and applying it to my daily life, I find that this happens to me on a regular basis. Of course, I still have my gifts of contrast to hone my desire for a better experience…but life’s little annoyances have diminished greatly. One tip I can pass to you to help you do this to is to start saying this simple phrase to yourself constantly:

“Things just always seem to work out for me!”

I say this, or some form of this, throughout my day. Sometimes I say it verbatim, and other times it sounds something like this:

  • I always get a parking space.
  • My timing is perfect today.
  • Everything is unfolding perfectly, one step at a time.
  • I need not rush because I am guided to be right on time.
  • I attract to me everything I need today.
  • Life is helping me be successful today. I open to it’s gifts.
  • I am always in the right place at the right time.
  • I find the open freeways every time.
  • My work will get done exactly when it needs to get done, and with ease.

You get the idea. Do you ever tell you self that things DON’T work out for you? DO you ever say the sentences (above) but in the negative? Say yes, because we all do this at times when we feel contrast and disconnection. But if you reach for thoughts that feel like the ones I listed, you will approach the Vortex more, and everything you want and desire can be connected with from inside this Vortex of creation and connection. Get there through feeling good, and the rest will work out. Start saying that things always seem to work out for you. Believe it. Feel good about it. Be relentless, and let your life expand to embrace your every wish. Time to board my flight. Thank you Universe for this WiFi and this opportunity to share these thoughts with the Gratitude Planet Community. I knew I would find the time and resources to get this post up today. Everything just seems to work out for me! Enjoy this most amazing day. Chris-GP

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    1. Lee says:

      Nice post! I find that in times of contrast, if I just stop, take a few breaths and center myself, a little bit of magic happens. I come to the realization that what I am experiencing is not an emergency (I believe you wrote another post about this), and that frees my being up to expand outwards, and I realize that everything is as it should be. That’s when I can reconnect with source and admit with the fullness of truth, that “things” really do “always work out for me.”
      Have a great trip!

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