Wanna Be Rich? Then It’s Time To Time To Think Like A Millionaire!

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When it comes to Law of Attraction, how you think, feel, and act is critically important. Once you set forth an intention to live your life a certain way, your job is to align with your desires, and to not contradict your intentions. Law of Attraction states that vibrations that are similar have a magnetic attraction, so whatever you want to have in your life must first be achieved in your own vibration. The Universe has the all-encompassing power to align people, places, and events to put you in the right place at the right time, and you can attract the essence of anything you can desire into your life…you just have to become a match (a powerful vibrational magnet) to what you say you want.

Many people want to expand their wealth and prosperity. They are living a life where they see evidence of lack, and they want more prosperity because of their perception of not having enough. This is fine, because contrast creates desire, and desire drives the expansion on the Universe. But not having enough is really just a manifestation of thoughts, feelings, and actions that match the vibration of lack. If you want to manifest abundance, you must first find ways to think, feel, and act that are in line with a vibration of prosperity. Sounds easy, I know. But I also understand the frustration that comes from not seeing results for your efforts. I live within these Laws too, so I speak from having been both successful and unsuccessful with these processes. Here are some tips to help you match your desires for abundance:

Determine how much money you really want. Do you really want a trillion dollars? What would you do with it? How would you manage it? What amount feels right to you? Decide how much you want, and feel good about attracting it. You may simply decide that you want enough to meet your bills, save for retirement, and travel on a regular basis. Others will want to have the title of millionaire. It’s all up to you, but the point is to feel good about the amount.

Feel like you would if you already had the prosperity.
Take as much time as you can every day to feel the feelings you would have if you were looking back on the achievement of the money and abundance. Would you be energetic and excited about it? Would you already be thinking of ways to enjoy the money? Most people want money because of the feeling of freedom they think it would bring. Maybe freedom is not the first feeling you entertain when you think about how you would feel. So what would you feel? Does it feel good? If so, keep playing with this feeling. Let it grow and enjoy every second of it.

Do something that you would do if you already had the money.
This can be big or small. Take an extra hour for lunch, or fill your car with premium gas. Buy a new shirt or pair of shoes, or give some money to charity. The point is to feel like you would feel as you act like you would act if you already had the money. An hour of window shopping at an expensive store can do amazing things for your vibration, as long as you enjoy the items and feel the joy of being able to buy any and all of them.

Determine and give thought to your next goal, now that money is no longer a concern.
Take money off the table as a major concern. Focus your attention on the next important goal in your life. Take joy in the achievement of the prosperity dream, and let your life shift to other desires. What are you ready to create? Think about how your every need is taken care of in terms of abundance, and let this be a comforting thought.

Let every bit of prosperity you see be YOUR prosperity. If you see a new BMW (and if you like BMW’s) then love it while you look at it. Say to yourself, “that’s just like mine!” Browse online to find things you like, regardless of price. Enjoy the ability to have anything you want. Be happy for the prosperity that others have manifested, just as if YOU had attracted it to yourself as well.

All of this may seem delusional to you, but he Laws of the Universe respond only to your vibration. How you think, feel and act determine the quality of your vibration. If you want to be a millionaire, you have to think, feel, and act like one first. You can’t play this game and feel lack, or nothing will change. You can’t play this game and tell yourself you are playing this game. You have to do these steps in the vibration of achievement and joy, and you get to have fun as you do it. Believe that the power of the Universe is providing the magic, and believe and take comfort in the perfect unfolding of your life. Once you do this one time with a major desire you have held for some time, and then you see it manifest, you will realize the power of your ability to create anything you desire. Live in abundance today, and soon you will see the results pour in from every direction! Enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP

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    1. Merrill says:

      I appreciate all of the step by step instructions you give. Sometimes it’s a little difficult for me to figure out how LOA really works. Thanks for the help!

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