We Are All Masterpieces Under Construction!

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I am a visual artist from Maine. I love skiing and white water rafting. I am currently a watercolor freak.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), the great Italian painter, sculpter, architect, engineer, and scientist was once quoted as saying: “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” As an artist, I totally resonate with his words, and I well know the feeling of incompleteness. When you pour your creativity into a project, and when you have a blissful and focused creative outlet, there is no end to the expression you can create. You find more things to change or make better, and even when an artwork is good, you always feel like a few more brush strokes, or a few more color combinations will make it perfect. But it never is perfect. It is only an expression, perfect in its imperfection. It is a living expression of itself, and nothing more.

Aren’t we all masterpieces in the making? Can’t the words I have typed actually describe a human life? We may work our whole life to become something finished, perfected, or complete, but we will never reach these states of being. Once we feel the perfection of a moment, another moment rushes in to take its place, reminding us that there is more, and more, and more to experience. We desire, and then we achieve, and then we desire again. The eternal nature of living in this Universe is both a gift and a curse. Until you make peace with where you are, you will always want something you don’t have. Yet you will never have everything you want…so you need to love where you are. It’s a complex paradox.

You will never be finished, but you will abandon your body someday. Don’t try to perfect your life, but instead experience it as a masterpiece in the making. Love the lines, the colors, the smudges, and the textures. Play in the clay, and express your energy through the art of abundant and joyful living. Be the most meaningful expression of YOU today. There is no greater art than to be who you truly are, incomplete yet eternal, and expressing your unique expression. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you liked this post!  Lisa-GP

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