Focus On What You Want, Not What You Expect!

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I was at dinner with a friend the other night, and the waiter took our drink order and disappeared. My friend immediately seemed preoccupied with where he went. She wondered if he would get the order right. We kept talking and before we knew it, he was back with exactly what we had ordered. After we gave our entree order, the same events unfolded, including my friend’s worry about if he would get it all right. This time she talked about her concern for his competence, and how she expected him to screw up the order. Of course, I took this as my unique opportunity to talk about perception, expectations, and Law of Attraction.

My friend was expecting something to go wrong, and she was looking for evidence of the mistakes before they even happened. I explained that the Universe hears your expectations, and through Law of Attraction brings you a version of what you expect. She thought that it didn’t mater what she expected, and that she would rather be surprised by things going better than she expected, and not disappointed by expecting too much. I understand this logic because I used to do the same thing. Now that I understand how we attract things, people, and events to us through our vibration, I don’t play the low expectations game anymore. Now I expect things to go well for me, and events in my life tend to match (or exceed) my expectations most of the time…and I expect a lot!

Worrying about your life is like worrying about your waiter. You ask for something, and then your job is to relax and let it come to you. Sometimes you might draw a really weird or unprofessional waiter, but the Law of Attraction will NEVER act like a crazy waiter. It will bring you what you ask for through your average vibration every time, 100% accurate and consistent. You never need to worry about Law of Attraction in terms of its ability to deliver the goods. On the other hand, a good waiter will occasionally give you what he thinks you want to show you what is possible. Law of Attraction won’t do that, ever.  You ask, it delivers…period.

Relax and enjoy the fact that you get consistent results from your universal wellness order. If you are asking for wellbeing, expect it to be delivered very soon. If you want prosperity, see it, talk about it, and take actions that support it. Expect it to come to you very soon. Be irrationally optimistic. Anything you want is possible. Just don’t treat Law of Attraction like an incompetent waiter. It’s working for YOU 24/7! Thanks for reading. Let me know if you liked this post!  Lisa-GP

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    1. Lee says:

      But can’t we sometimes have expectations that are too high? Don’t we then have to readjust what are expectations are to what we have access to us vibrationally? Or is that what you are saying in this post? My brain is fried from end of the school year stuff. I’m confused. LOL!!!

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