What Do You Need To Change To Feel Totally Free?

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There are moments when I can’t find joy in what I am doing. When this happens, I try to notice and change something. Most often when this happens, the cause of my emotional state is that I am not living in the present moment. My mind is preoccupied with something I am trying to create, or my thoughts are on some problem that I can’t seem to shake. I then realize that I am like a prisoner to my own thoughts, and that these thoughts are keeping me from my joy and connection to the Universe. When this happened recently, I was using my thinking mind to imagine a solution to a problem. Normally, this is a good thing…to become one with the vibration of a solution. But by not being present in the moment, I was practicing the vibration of feeling limited, unable to break free of the problem. So how did I break free? Here’s how…

I thought about what I wanted achieve through solving the problem, and I summed it all up in a single word: Freedom. I wanted a solution so that I could feel more freedom in every part of my vibration. So instead of spending my energy and focus trying to solve the “issue,” I instead turned my inner focus to the feeling of freedom. I started by letting go of having to be in control of the problem, and I just began to breathe and allow my thoughts to settle. I relaxed my face and jaw, and imagined myself in complete freedom. I was free to be, do, or have anything I could imagine, and I was unlimited by people or circumstances. I was free from my past and unlimited by my future. I came to realize that the only thing I really wanted was the feeling of freedom, and in a relatively short amount of time I was able to experience a feeling of freedom. What a joy to realize that the feeling of freedom was available to me even before I solved my “problem.” In fact, now the problem seemed almost insignificant to the joy I was feeling amidst my new-found inner freedom. If I can do it, so can you!

If there is something you want, ask yourself why you want it. How will you feel when you get it? Can you break free and start feeling that way right now? If so, you have access to the end goal in this moment, and you also have a way to help the Law of Attraction manifest the actual solution. By aligning with the feeling of having achieved something first, you are suddenly a powerful match to the new condition. If you are a match to the feeling of the solution, it must flood into your reality as a “real” experience. If you want more money, reach for feelings of abundance and prosperity. If you want a new love in your life, feel love for yourself and others right now. If you want better health, try to reach for thoughts that feel like wellness. You always get more of what you focus upon, and the end goal you are reaching for can almost always be expressed in an emotion or feeling that you have access to right NOW! What do you need to change to feel totally free in this moment? You don’t have to change your circumstances…but you do need to change your focus. Try it, and may you feel better and better. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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