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The Law of Attraction is a consistent, fair, and always predictable law of the Universe: you attract to you the things that you give your attention to, regardless of if you want them. You have an ability to spin your perception in ways that make the best of any situation, and in doing so, you literally change the way that the Universe manifests for you. The most important part of harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction is to notice how you feel. If you feel good, you are attracting everything you are asking for vibrationally. If you feel bad, you are attracting things that you won’t like very much when they appear in your reality. But there is no need to stop thinking thoughts, or to panic and attempt to censor your mind. In fact, trying to stop a thought in its tracks is next to impossible. Instead, you are better off relaxing and redirecting your thoughts to something that feels a little better. The point is to notice how you feel, acknowledge where you are, and always move toward things that feel better. Simply turning from things that make you feel worse…just thinking about something else…is all you need to do to “stop” the thoughts that feel worse.

Not long ago I wrote about a game I play as I go through my day. It helps you keep track of how you are focusing your attention on any subject. I call it the “That Feels Good” game. In this game, you just pay attention to how your day unfolds in terms of how it feels to you. In this game there are only two phrases: “That feels bad” or “That feels good.”  When you say “that feels bad” to yourself, it’s time to redirect. When you say “that feels good” to yourself, you just drink in and savor and appreciate the moment for the good feeling it brings. You might even follow a good-feeling experience deeper to see if it gets better and better.

Here are some examples to clarify this.

1. Someone who is talking to you shifts their focus to all the problems they have been experiencing. It goes on and on. You calmly say to yourself “this feels bad” and think of a way to redirect. You may give them words of comfort, or help them see a silver lining in the situation…or you may just be silent and let them talk themselves out. See if you can elicit a “that feels good” from your vibration. If you can’t then it’s time to move on to another encounter with someone else, as opposed to helping them whip up the disconnection by participating fully in it.

2. You are in a grocery story in the checkout line, and someone cuts the line. You feel some negative emotion and say to yourself “that feels bad.” You have two choices. You can continue to feel bad and maybe even confront the person, or possibly stew about it to yourself, or start talking to another customer about the “injustice,” or you can find something else to focus upon that feels better. In this case you might notice an adorable child in the cart behind you, smile at it, and start up a very pleasant conversation with the parent of the child. If so, you might feel you connection return. You would say “that feels good.” Then continue to enjoy the interaction. The line cutter is no longer part of your vibrational attraction.

3. You are out shopping and the day is going well: the lights all turn green as you roll up, you get the parking spaces you want, and the traffic is flowing well. Every time you notice one of these events going your way, just say out loud or to yourself “that feels good.” Smile and rejoice that you have perfect timing. Bask in it. Noticing that acknowledging that you feel good actually makes you feel even better.

4. You are having a good time at work, and all your activities feel rewarding. Suddenly an email comes in from someone who recently had a disagreement with you. You look quickly to determine that there is no new information in the letter, and you notice strongly “that feels bad.” In a microsecond you tap the DELETE key, and in a few seconds you begin to feel your connection return. Before long, you will be able to say, once again, “that feels good.”

This is a game, so there is no need to be serious about it. Just notice how you feel and what you say to yourself in your “inner speak.” If you don’t have strong feelings either way, just say nothing. By following your bliss throughout the day, you will enjoy the process more, you will love the day more, and you will be using the Law of Attraction to put everything you want at your finger tips. You will live your day from inside the Vortex, where all the things you want are ready to manifest. Try it and let me know if you get great results. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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