Enjoy A Rampage Of Gratitude And Appreciation!

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Author: Hannya (35 Articles)

Hannya is a Contributing Author at Gratitude Planet, a fun and connected being, and an avid dog lover.

If you are feeling in the vibrational range of optimism or higher, it can be fun to go on a rampage of gratitude and appreciation. What you do is start naming things you love and appreciate, and let it snowball out of control. Let it lift you even higher into Expectation, Belief, Happiness, Passion, Love, and all the way to Bliss! It is important to be feeling at least in the range of optimistic before you try this, because you need access to thoughts that feel good to begin. If you are feeling, say, frustrated you will only have access to thoughts close to frustration, such as irritation or overwhelment. You CAN feel better by moving upward from frustration, but this game is not a good one unless you are already in a connected vibration.

Here is what you do: Say “I love (fill in the blank). Then say I appreciate (fill in the blank). Then perhaps, I am grateful for (fill in the blank). If you run out of things to love, appreciate or be grateful for, go more into depth about one of the things you already mentioned in a previous statement. For example, if you said “I appreciate my car,” and then draw a blank, follow up with “I love that my car is so dependable.” The fun really starts when you get a flood of ideas to be grateful for and to appreciate. You start feeling even better, and better, and better. So here is a short rampage from me to you. May you be blissful and connected and living in the moment today, and everyday!  Be.Love, Hannya-GP

I appreciate this amazing day and the warmth and sunshine it brings; I love the friends I have and how they help me everyday; I am grateful for the technology that helps me connect with others; I love being alive, breathing, and being of value to others; I am appreciative of the Source Energy that flows through each and every one of us; I love being focused and productive and inside the Vortex; I appreciate having a family that loves and supports me; I am grateful for the many people who are interested in connecting for reasons of love and expansion; I am so happy to be exactly where I am; I love the moment I am in right now; I love my body and the wisdom it bring to me; I appreciate the openness of the world to new ideas; I am grateful for the love we all feel for this planet…

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    2. Billy says:

      Sometimes, when I’m in a not so connected moment, I will think of all the things that I like, and love, etc. and I find it lifts me out of my funk and back on the spiral upwards.

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