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When people talk about quitting smoking, they usually talk about “kicking the habit” of smoking. This is a good example of the misuse of the word “habit” because of the associated addiction to nicotine. The dictionary defines “habit” this way:

habit |ˈhabit|
1 a settled or regular tendency or practice, esp. one that is hard to give up : this can develop into a bad habit | we stayed together out of habit.
• informal an addictive practice, esp. one of taking drugs : a cocaine habit.
• Psychology an automatic reaction to a specific situation.
• general shape or mode of growth, esp. of a plant or a mineral : a shrub of spreading habit

We can see that having a habit or being “habitual” has a negative association according to the dictionary. If a behavior is hard to give up, it can turn into a “bad” habit. Addictions have been informally labeled as habits as well. Of course, we can have behaviors that are healthy and that promote wellness, such as exercising daily, or eating well. The main point here is that we all develop patterns of behavior that either serve us, or they don’t. Looking objectively at your habits can be a healthy exercise of awareness…so let’s look at this a little more today.

When you think something or do something, you send out a vibration to the Universe, and the Law of Attraction immediately matches the vibration and reinforces it. Another way to say this is that if you think a thought for a while, you starting thinking other similar thoughts. The easiest thoughts to think tend to match the ones you have already been thinking. If you do an action over and over, it becomes easier to keep doing it than it does to change the patterns of action. Law of Attraction reads your vibration and and determines where you are vibrationally, and then agrees and gives you more of the same. People, events, and circumstances reinforce your patterns of habit. The Universe does its best to keep you doing what ever you have been doing. It’s like an autopilot. You stay on course.

But what if you are tired of your direction? What if you are flying toward a mountain and you are on autopilot? You have two choices, really. You can change course or hit the mountain. If you decide to change course, and break a few habits of thinking, feeling, and acting, then you will need to put some deliberate energy toward making changes. If you decide to enjoy the ride until you hit the mountain, you will be provided with enough contrast to make you change after the impact. Notice that not changing is not an option here. You get to decide for yourself if you want your change little by little, or all at once.

I prefer to change little by little when I can. It’s hard at first, but it gets easier as you go. Decide to replace a thought today. Notice your thought about something, and tell yourself that you are changing the feeling of the thought. If you are irritated with the way your hair looks, decide to feel hopeful that you will be able to get it cut soon. Small change…big result over time. You can also move your body in new patterns as well. Do you sit to put your shoes on? Then stand today. It will feel awkward, but do it anyway. When is the last time you touched your toes? Touch them today. Just look for patterns of habitual thinking, feeling, and acting that you have taken for granted, and just make small changes. If you desire the changes, keep up the new behavior until Law of Attraction makes it easier for you to sustain it. A big habit may take 30 days to change, as long as you don’t keep repeating the old pattern as you go.

Think of all of this as presenting opportunities to change slowly. Be open to the idea of change, and above all, be willing to kick the habit of being habitual. Thank you so much…    Be Well, 8) Marie-GP

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    1. windsurfer153 says:

      This worked for me today. I made a few different choices and it helped me change my thinking. I’ll do it again tomorrow. Thanks!

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