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If you have read the FAQ page on this site, you know that we want you to feel better when you visit Gratitude Planet. We want you to feel good, of course, but no one feels good all the time. If you think you need to always feel good, you will beat yourself up when you realize that you are a little cranky, angry, or snarky. Feeling good is a great goal, and feeling good is part of the equation that helps you harness the positive power of Law of Attraction. But when you know you don’t feel good, just do your best to feel a little better. It’s all about the Vibrational/Emotional scale.

You only have access to thoughts that are near your present emotional set point. This set point is determined by the thoughts you have been thinking recently. If you feel, say, irritated, then you have access to an emotion that feels a little better (pessimism) as well as an emotion that feels a little worse (frustration). None of these emotions feel good, but one does feel better. By reaching for the one that feels better, you can achieve vibrational harmony with it. You will feel a little relief in your emotional set point, and your new vibration puts you in proximity to an even better-feeling thought: Boredom!

But what if you want to go right from irritation to bliss? The answer is that you simply can’t do it. Look again at the Emotional/Vibrational Scale, grouped in order from the worst feeling (bottom) to the best feeling emotions (at the top):

Positive Expectation/Belief

What ever you feel, you can only move up or down one or two emotions at a time. To go from irritation to bliss, then, is just not going to happen. You can pretend to be happy, but you will not really feel it. Instead, reach for the best feeling thought you have access to. The idea is to climb out of your disconnected thoughts one by one until you get to ones that feel good. Once you feel good, you will automatically attract more of what you desire. Law of Attraction will match your connected thoughts with more and more connected thoughts. Your life will “snowball” in a positive direction and you will start to see wonderful manifestations start to appear everywhere you look. I hope you feel good today, and I hope you get there by feeling better and better in every moment. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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    1. Merrill says:

      Chris, just out of curiosity, who came up with/discovered the emotional scale? It’s incredible!

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