Cultivating Self Love And Gratitude!

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Author: Marie Gee (26 Articles)

Marie is a contributing author and technical assistant at Gratitude Planet. She loves music, fine wine, and great coffee.

Being grateful and appreciative for the things in your life (as well as the things you know are coming soon) is the engine that drives your amazingly-unfolding well being and your ever-expanding prosperity.  You may already have a habit of waking each day and finding reasons to be happy and grateful. You may already find it easy to see the best in any situation. You may be getting really good at using affirmations, and you may be able to add to our Gratitude Board with thoughts that come easy to you. Good for you. So today I ask you this question: “Are you grateful for YOU?” Can you easily create a list of things that you appreciate about yourself? Are you able to give yourself credit for the amazing person you are today, regardless of the expansion you are experiencing today and will experience eternally? Are you aware of the unique gifts that only you can bring to this Earth, and are you willing to own, honor, and proclaim these to the Universe?

Some people find this difficult because they don’t want to seem egotistical or self-centered. But if you don’t have a healthy ego, you may be holding thoughts that contradict the way Source feels about you. Holding back your love of self sends a conflicted signal to Law of Attraction, and you may attract people, places, and events that reinforce this lack of love. And when you feel differently about yourself than the way Source feels about you, you are going to feel bad, unworthy, disconnected, and irritated, and out of the Vortex. In fact, if you have been doing diligent work to be aligned with appreciation, and you feel like you have your Attitude of Gratitude working most of the time…yet you still notice some disconnection or have been having some less-than-wanted things appearing in your experience…it may be time to be grateful for YOU more of the time!

Try to see if you can make a list of the things that you appreciate about yourself, and see if it is easy or difficult to do this exercise. Do it everyday, mentally or on paper, for a week and you may see a positive vibrational shift in your life. Source Energy loves you, thinks you are amazing, always sees you as worthy, and has already become everything you want to be. Relax, appreciate, and be grateful for YOU. Thank you so much…    Be Well, 8) Marie-GP

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    1. Lee says:

      My self love and gratitude kind of comes and goes. Usually when I don’t live up to my own expectations of what I “think” I should be, or how I should act, blah, blah, blah.

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