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Everything in this world comes and goes, and we all have debts at some point in our lives that need to be paid back. When you owe someone something, you have a responsibility to settle the debt. This makes me think about an excellent movie called “Pay It Forward” that came out in 2000 starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, and Haley Joel Osment. In this movie the idea of “paying forward” came into the mainstream. The idea is that if you do something for someone, instead of asking them to pay you back, you can ask them to pay it forward instead. What this means is that they would look for an opportunity to do the same good deed that you did, except to someone else. Your “payback” and good energy become the start of another good deed that, hopefully, expands and expands outward. This approach has some very nice benefits for you as a deliberate creator of your experience.

Remember that the Law of Attraction matches you up with more of whatever you presently have as measured by your thoughts, feelings, and actions. So to change your life in a real and meaningful way, you first need to change your thinking and actions, and also reach for the best feelings you have access to. When you care about how you feel, and when you take inspired action, your connection to Source Energy becomes stronger, and you start attracting happiness and joy into your experience more and more of the time. As a connected being you now have an ability to remain in the Vortex of connection, and also to magnify and expand that connection in every direction of your life. You can “give away” your happiness everywhere you go.

When you are connected to who you are and are feeling good, you will uplift others with whom you come into contact. Law of Attraction will line you up with people who are ready to feel better, and you will be of great value to their experience. On the other hand, when you are not connected and not in line with who you really are, you can only bring out the same in others. Law of Attraction will put you face-to-face with other people who are struggling just like you are, and you will not be able to uplift in as powerful a way.

It is much more fun to notice your thoughts, feelings, and actions and make the best of where you are. Reach for feelings of relief, and follow the best thoughts that come to you. Once you feel good, picture your love and joy radiating out in all directions toward everything in the Universe. Picture Law of Attraction working like mad by inspiring others like yourself to be in certain places at certain times, all being guided to cross your path today. Make an intention to uplift these people when you see them, not by doing anything in particular, but just by being a joyful, connected, and loving person. Let the magic of each moment unfold perfectly. If you intend to attract these people to you, they will appear in your experience today. Picture your happiness and connection as a gift that you receive from Source Energy, and then pay it forward…all day, every day! Source will refill your cup every time you ask it to, and then you will have something to give away to others. Try this today and see if it makes your day go better. Receive, be grateful, and then give freely to others. It’s one of the secrets to living a rich and happy life. Enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP

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