Do You Believe In Divine Order?

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Are there are times in your life when you feel you are exactly where you are supposed to be? Sure there are!  These are great times because you feel no need to hurry away or fix something that is already done. The Universe is at rest and everything is in place. I like to call this feeling “Divine Order” because it seems like everything in creation has come together to put me in the right place at the right time. Divine Order is the basis of All That Is, and it is one of the rules of existence in this reality. Everything unfolds in its perfect order, and there are no mistakes.

But I must admit that there are times that I don’t feel like everything is working out correctly. Sometimes I feel like things don’t go my way regardless of how hard I try to make it so. Why does it seem like Divine Order fails me in those times? Well, we know that the Law of Attraction is always matching you up with more of your average vibration…and we know that what you vibrate and what you get is always a perfect match. So the reason that Divine Order sometimes seems to be out of order stems from our own inability to monitor what we are vibrating outward through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. As you become more and more aware of how you feel, you will observe the connection of how you feel to the results you get in your experience. The order of events and the experiences you attract will always be a match to your vibration.

I refer to Divine Order frequently to help me remember to relax, and also to help me stay optimistic and to expect the best. If I am behind a slow driver, I think about how I am being held back a bit to arrive at my destination at exactly the right time. When I get up, I think about how no matter how fast or slow I shower and dress, I will be in alignment with Divine Order and in the right place at the right time. When I approach my work parking lot, I tell myself that I always get a parking spot, and that my timing is perfectly coordinated with Divine Order to make a space appear as I arrive. It almost always does appear. And when it doesn’t, I move on to the next lot knowing that once again, things are in their perfect order. I expect something else to go my way because of the experience.

Do you believe in Divine Order? Do you believe that you are guided to be in the right place at the right time? I think it is more fun to believe in this concept than it is to worry about controlling things that you can’t control. If you accept the workings of Divine Order, you can relax more, and you can take in the joys of life more fully. Let yourself feel the perfection of your life today. Every moment is your perfect arrival into the present. Live and love today knowing that you are supported by Divine Order. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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    1. Lee says:

      So when things don’t go our way, or rather, the way we THINK they should go….is that Divine DISorder?? LOL!!! Just Kidding. Everything happens FOR us, not TO us. Nice post!

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