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I am a visual artist from Maine. I love skiing and white water rafting. I am currently a watercolor freak.

As consciousness having a human experience on planet Earth, we are by nature “doers.” We like to do things, and we like to see results from our actions. It is easy to start seeing our actions as the only way things come to us, and to put artificial pressure on ourselves to “do more” and to “be motivated.” Working harder can be fun, and seeing better and better results feels very good. But if you are seeing fewer results from your efforts than you would like to, it may be a good time to examine how you have been approaching your actions. Have you been inspired, or just motivated? If you have been a regular visitor to, you know that we encourage being present and expanding into not doing anything sometimes.

Not doing is a powerful way to let go and to allow. However, it doesn’t mean that you should sit in your house and wait for someone to come feed, clothe, and exercise your body for you! There is a time for not doing, and there is a time for doing. If you are in the habit of waking up to a full run and going about your day at light speed, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, especially if the pace has been this way for a while. If so, try this approach for a week (if you need to rise earlier to get quiet time in your household, do so): wake and list ten things you appreciate or are grateful for in your life. Hold them to you and be silent. Expand into the wonderful feeling of these gifts in your life. Sit quietly and picture yourself doing the things you love to do. See yourself sailing, or painting, or singing, or dancing, or laughing with others, or enjoying your new house, or your new relationship, or whatever…you know best and you get to choose. Don’t put limits on your own mind, and just allow yourself to experience these thoughts as if they were already a manifested experience in your reality.

As you do this exercise, you will start to receive important information from the Universe in the form of new pictures in your imagination, or in the form of a feeling of inspiration. You will come to a new awareness and clarity about what only you can do this day. You will get a clearer sense of your priorities and goals for the day, and you will be inspired to move forward into action. When you feel this, stop the meditation exercise and start the action side of your day, following the inspiration you have received.

Actions that are undertaken with uninspired motivation are harder to accomplish, less fun, and leave you feeling worse than before you did the action. Inspired action puts you into the flow of the Universe, so you enjoy the experience more, you have more ease in the process, and you have perfect timing with resources appearing effortlessly as they are needed. You will attract the things you need through Law of Attraction, and you will feel the perfection of the process more and more. Inspired action is easy and invigorating. Motivation can be draining over time. So today, notice how you are moving into your doing phase. Try this inspiration meditation for a week and journal all the things you accomplish. Come back to Gratitude Planet and share your insights with the GP Community. Let us all know if this worked for you. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you liked this post!  Lisa-GP

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      I appreciate this very much, Lisa.

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