Five Tips For Allowing Your Wellness!

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Chris is the Managing Editor of Gratitude Planet and can be found most days enjoying the Southern California weather and waves.

The word “Allowing” describes a state of being where you are connected to your Source. It is a state where you are in The Vortex, in harmony with who you really are. When you are in the state of Allowing, you are feeling good, you are ready for more, and you are enjoying your life in this moment. Being in a state of allowing also means that you are attracting things you want into your experience through the Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction magnifies what ever you are vibrating and brings more of it into your experience. So if you want more of the things you have been asking for, try practicing a state of allowing more often. When you are in this wonderful state, time is on your side, you have perfect timing, and you see the best in everyone, everything, and every moment. Here are five simple tips for expanding your experience of allowing:

1. Meditate. Just sit quietly for five minutes and notice your breath moving in and out of your lungs. If you mind drifts (and it will) then just bring your attention to your breathing again. You will feel the relief of your wellbeing expand. You are in a greater state of allowing now.

2. Be Grateful. Think of all the gifts you have in your life right now. Be thankful for each. Count each blessing one by one, and feel the joy of how many wonderful things you already have. Go over the list again and again. Feel the joy. You are in a greater state of allowing now.

3. Love the people in your life. Think of all the people who you interact with every day. Think of how each one of them is special and how each adds value to your experience at some level, either as a teacher, a student, or as a colleague. Give them a mental embrace. You are in a greater state of allowing now.

4. Visualize everything you want. See yourself having all the things you say you want. Love the feeling of having it all right now. Play with the images until they feel really good. You are in a greater state of allowing now.

5. Just relax. Yes, you can allow by doing nothing. Breathe, daydream, and let go of every worry you have. Release all resistance, and just be. Feel your vibration raise by the act of completely letting go. You are in a greater state of allowing now.

These tips are simple, yet each will make a positive difference in your vibration. Each one will help you feel a little better. Try these and see if they work for you. Enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP


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    1. GP Staff says:

      I love the “Babble” Lee. Awesome post. THANKS! Chris

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    2. Lee says:

      These are really good, Chris!
      Something I’ve learned is to go with the upwards flow. I thought of this in the shower this morning – We all try so hard to get the things we want that we sometimes forget to just let go and let our desires bring us up to what we want or where we want to go. In doing this, we fight against the stream and run into all of the rocks and exhausting ourselves to the point where we just give up, instead of just asking, letting go and trusting that the stream will take us to where we want to be. It’s sort of like a leaf floating on top of a river. It doesn’t fight the river, it just enjoys the ride down the stream.
      I know I’m “babbling” but it made perfect sense to me this morning. LOL!

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