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For all of our Gratitude Planet community located outside of the United States who might not know it, today is Independence Day in the US. It’s a day to reflect on all the gifts we have, all the people that we appreciate, and the freedoms we enjoy in an open society. People are generally off work and are gathering with friends and family for a cookout and a local parade. It’s the perfect day to whip up some Gratitude and Thanks, and now is the perfect moment to let the horses run on a rampage of appreciation and gratitude.

Start with Thanks. Wherever you are right now, take two minutes and mentally list everything you can think of that you are thankful for. Your inner monologue may be something like “Thank you for the weather today, thank you for the air I am breathing, thank you for the clothes I am wearing, thank you for the eyes I use to see, thank you for my mind that helps me think, thank you for the …..” You get to decide what feels best to you.

Next take two minutes to be Grateful. It might go something like this: “I am grateful for my job (or job prospects), and I am grateful for my amazing living space that feels so good to be in, and I am grateful for my interactions with others, both in person and in cyberspace, and I am grateful for my coffee maker that creates a perfect morning drink for me, and I am grateful for…” Again, the words you choose are the right ones for you. Next move to Appreciation. Appreciation feels a little more connected than Gratitude, which is why you should move through Thanks, to Gratitude, and then to Appreciation.

So now, take two minutes and mentally list everything you appreciate. Don’t worry if you repeat some things that you have already said. Your inner monologue may be something like “I appreciate my spouse who loves me so much, and I appreciate my body and all its health and wisdom, and I appreciate my dog who always seems connected and free, and I appreciate Source Energy and its consistent flow of well-being into my experience, and I appreciate…”

If you do these three simple exercises, you will feel a shift in your vibration. You will move up the Vibrational Scale. Your cork will begin to float again…and you will definitely feel an expansion in the way you feel. You will be able to move into love and bliss. You will have done the inner work required to change your world for the better. You will be able to carry this vibration into your whole day. Enjoy the freedom you have to feel better today, and as always, enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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