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I am a visual artist from Maine. I love skiing and white water rafting. I am currently a watercolor freak.

There are times that I can’t relax because I am trying so hard to accomplish something. I get the feeling that if I just try a little harder, or focus a little more I will finally be done doing the thing I am doing. This can certainly be true when the thing is paying the bills, or painting a house, or doing the dishes. But what about when you assign that frame of mind to larger aspects of your life, like attaining enlightenment, perfecting your tennis game, or becoming wealthy and prosperous? In these cases we often assign our happiness to a future time when we will be “done” and can then “arrive” in some new place or mindset.

Have you ever heard yourself say: “I’ll be happy when I can pay these bills'” or a similar statement. When you do this, you use Law of Attraction to your disadvantage. Remember that the Law of Attraction only responds to your vibration and not your words. So saying “I will put off my happiness until later in the future when this thing happens” keeps the thing from happening, and keeps you in an unhappy place.

We are all eternal beings, and there is no “there” to get to. The best way to have everything you want right now is to enjoy everything you have right now. There is a perfection in our imperfection…our journey can’t be completed…because it never ends. So don’t wish for the better day to come. Instead, look for the evidence that makes THIS day your best day so far.

Find as many excuses as you can to love your journey right now. Be grateful for everything you have today. No matter what you are doing today, find the perfection in the process. If you love your NOW, you will start ushering in amazing new NOWS as your future becomes the present over and over again. You will no longer long for your work to be over so you can relax into your wellbeing, because you will already be relaxing into the best part…and the ONLY part we have access to…the present. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you liked this post! Lisa -GP

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    1. Billy says:

      This is so true.
      I’m forever saying “I’ll be happy when….” and put some sort of time line on it, when I COULD be saying “I’m happy now!”
      Thanks Lisa! This helps a LOT!!

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