No One Needs To Be Like You For You To Be Happy!

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I think it’s a human trait to wish everyone would be like we are. If you like a certain TV show, you might wish down deep on some level that everyone would also like it as much as you do. When you figure out how to be connected to Source Energy more often, you want to share these insights with others. Especially when you come to a conclusion through a learning situation, you are likely to want everyone to benefit from your new and improved perspective. But when we want for others, we miss the point that everyone can only want from their own unique perspective. Unless you walk in someone’s shoes and feel the Emotional Guidance System that they have in place, you can never know why they choose their experience the way that they do. All you can really know is how YOU would choose from your unique perspective, and most of the time your choice and their choice will not be the same…and this is OK.

Experiences on this Earth are varied and diverse. You are but one piece of an ever-expanding dance of awareness, and everything you do to allow your own wellbeing benefits the whole. But if you look at others and condemn them for the choices they are making, you diminish your own wellbeing by needing to change others. You can think of the Universe as kind of a cosmic soup with many trillions of ingredients. The soup is managed by the forces of the Universe, including the Law of Attraction. Your experience adds to the flavor of the soup, but you are not all of the soup. You wouldn’t want a soup to be only parsley, and you wouldn’t want but one perspective in the Universe either. So the ingredients need to interact, merge, and add flavor to the whole without competing with each other or diminishing the contributions to the whole.

No one needs to be, think, or act like you do for the Universe to be in its perfect order. If you see someone making a choice today that you know YOU wouldn’t make, bless it, be grateful, and move on with your own choices. Remember that focusing on someone’s choices makes them into your choices, given the time and attention to them. If you want peace, for example, don’t push against people who make war, but rather think peaceful thoughts, and look for peace-loving people to enter your experience. Your experience will be more fulfilling, fun, satisfying, and connected if you accept and appreciate the diversity of thoughts and beliefs on the planet. Be YOU today, be happy, and let the rest of the world just be. Be in the Vortex! Take a deep breath, and enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP

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      Excellent words, Chris.

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