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I am a visual artist from Maine. I love skiing and white water rafting. I am currently a watercolor freak.

I was walking the other day and started noticing the voices in my head. Before you think I am crazy (which my friends would say I might be) remember that we all talk to ourselves in our mind. There seems to be a constant chatter going on commenting on everything that is happening all the time. Sometimes when I meditate I can get it to calm down but it is mostly always there. You probably have noticed the same thing.

So on my walk I started observing what the chatter in my mind was. I think because of the rhythm I was walking to, I was mostly singing songs to myself. The songs were songs I know or have known from my past. I had to ask the question, “what vibration am I reinforcing with these songs?” I know Law of Attraction always hears what you say and vibrate. The words to the song I had in my head when I started noticing all of this went like this: shot to the heart and you’re to blame…you give love a bad name!” I like this song, and I love Bon Jovi. But I had to decide if it was a good use of my walk and inner talk time to be repeating these words to myself. So for fun, I sang the song but changed the words a bit: love with your heart it keeps you sane…I give love a good name!” Just singing the new words to myself made me laugh and smile, and I swear I could feel my vibration raise. I felt better. So notice today what you say to yourself and see if it raises your vibration. If it doesn’t then change the words, the song, of the theme of your inner voices. It works for me and perhaps you will feel a positive difference in your vibration too. I hope so.

If you don’t tend to sing songs, just notice what you say to yourself in your mind. Are you kind to yourself, or do you put yourself down? Are you optimistic, or do you expect things to go wrong for you? You are in charge of the words you think. You have the control to make a positive change at any time you choose to. Law of Attraction will always respond and magnify your average vibration, and the words you think and the way you feel is what creates this vibration. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you liked this post. Lisa-GP

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