Life Can Be A Drag…So Start Skiing!

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Author: Marie Gee (26 Articles)

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You are probably intrigued by the title of this post. I was inspired to contribute to Gratitude Planet today because I went water skiing yesterday with friends. When I was trying to get up while being dragged by the boat on my skis, I thought up this excellent analogy to Law of Attraction and the expansion of the Universe. Here’s my brain drizzle:

When you are living your day and you are feeling good, it is as if you are sitting in a boat that is safely moving, or is docked in safe harbor. All is well, and you have no contrast to knock you out of your safe place. But when you experience something that makes you feel bad…you expand and create a better (vibrational) reality for yourself. In this analogy, it like you get tossed out of the boat into the open water. However, you are still connected to the boat by a water ski rope, and you are wearing a pair of very nice skis. The boat represents the new reality you have created, a reality that you are connected to, but that you can’t enjoy right away because it is ahead of you. But your connection to it gives you several choices of action. You can pull yourself toward it and eventually hop back in, and this is a good choice. You would focus on the new condition until you achieved vibrational harmony with it. With the help of Law of Attraction, you would be sitting in the boat very quickly. Or you can just wait and see what happens.

In real life, the ski boat begins to move. If you decide to resist the motion forward, you get dragged by the boat. The weight of the water on your body and skis is difficult to endure, and in short order you come to realize that life is a drag. Your choices now are to keep suffering the drag of the boat, or to turn toward the boat, get your feet under you, and stand up and ski. The moment you do this, the resistance goes away, and you rise above the drag of the water. You start using the water to move ahead, and the boat becomes your sustaining power. Life becomes fun again and you start sailing toward your new condition. In fact, the thrill of skiing becomes the new condition, and you are connected to Source and living again in bliss within the Vortex. Soon you will be sitting safely back on the boat again.

Life, through contrast, causes you to want something better for yourself. Once you expand and create this new thing, you have no choice but to stand up and ski. You can’t let go of the rope in this analogy. The more you resist going with the flow of the Universe, the more and more you will notice the drag of the water. And you will always be expanding. The only real thing to figure out is how to keep up with yourself and your personal expansion.

Is your life a drag sometimes? Mine is, and I know yours is too. Why not make the choice to turn toward the things you want, and away from the things holding you back? Go with the flow, turn in a positive direction, and start skiing! You will be amazed how much fun you were missing, and you will remember that you have the ultimate choice to ski or to get dragged. Choose joy, fun, gratitude, appreciation, and bliss! Thank you so much…    Be Well, 8) Marie-GP

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