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Author: Marie Gee (26 Articles)

Marie is a contributing author and technical assistant at Gratitude Planet. She loves music, fine wine, and great coffee.

If you have asked the Universe for something, and you feel like you have been doing well playing with Law of Attraction, you might be asking “so where is all my stuff?” If you have asked, your stuff exists. It just takes time for it to be seen in your daily life (at least to the point that YOU will admit it’s there!) But I am here to remind you that your “stuff” is peeking at you all the time. Let’s say, for example, that you are asking for more money and prosperity to show up in your experience. You asked (vibrationally) when you felt like you didn’t have enough money, and now you are relaxing and letting Law of Attraction line you up with your new fortune. You are doing well. It’s time to savor the abundance in your life.

As you move through the day, see how the Universe is lining you up with the essence of abundance and prosperity, and then savor and enjoy it. Perhaps you get a call from a friend to house sit, and then they also need you to run a few errands in their car as well. Notice that you are suddenly living in a nicer house than the one you rent, and that the car you are driving is much like the one you have imagined as your next car. It’s yours now! I know you might say, but the point is that it’s NOT mine. That IS the problem. And if you look at it that way, then I agree that you have a problem. When you see these things as reminders of what you DON’T have, you move away from your stuff. When you savor it as an added expansion in your present experience, you help allow your stuff to come to you.

What I am suggesting you do today is notice how the things you want are in your experience today already. You have friends when nice people chat with you in the grocery line, and you have beautiful things to appreciate in stores, even if you choose not to buy them right now. Your new car is suddenly everywhere you look, and your new relationship is just behind every smile you see in others. Savor these gifts of abundance and tell yourself that it’s all here right now. This will keep you feeling good and open to receiving everything you want. Thank you so much…    Be Well, 8) Marie-GP

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    1. Merrill says:

      Hi Marie. Great Post!
      A question: Couldn’t we, while we are watching the house and running the errands in the car admit to ourselves “this house is just like the mine” or “this car is exactly like mine”? To me, that would settle my ‘doubting Thomas’ subconscious down so that I am open for LOA to do it’s magic. What do you think?

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