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Freely giving can be difficult to do. It can be scary. It can bring up all kinds of stuff around abundance, worthiness, and thoughts of lack. From a “realistic” and practical standpoint, it would stand to reason that the more you give, the less you actually have. In fact, the opposite is true. Remember that the Universe is based on the Law of Attraction, and that you can’t hold one vibration and attract a different vibrational experience at the same time. You get what you are a match to. You get more of what you are thinking and living on a regular basis. It all happens magically, through the ever-consistent and every-fair Law of Attraction.

If you are unaware of the average vibration you are maintaining, just look to see how your life is unfolding. Are you excited about what has come and also about what is yet to come? Are you knowing that through your thoughts you are allowing the energy that will let the essence of what you want to flow easily to you? If you are, keep on doing what you are doing…it’s working for you. If not, consider looking at your patterns of giving, with this slight twist: Giving can be, but doesn’t have to be, about money.

Giving is a state of vibration where you give your love and appreciation freely to everyone and everything in your experience. You certainly can leave a bigger tip for a waitress, or buy something for a friend as a surprise, or donate money to a charity…this is all a form of giving. But if you are doing this and asking “why am I not receiving in proportion to my giving?’ you may be stuck in the way you give love, gratitude, and appreciation. The next time you notice someone who has the “stuff” you want, be it a job, a car, a relationship, a website, or whatever, pay attention to how you feel about them. Are you jealous? Do you feel afraid that they might be taking all the pieces of the pie and leaving you behind? Do you get nervous that they might keep you away from the stuff you are hoping to attract? Almost everyone has a tendency to do this, and you can decide right now to pay closer attention to these thoughts from now on. Just decide that when you see someone enjoying the very things you are wanting, you will stop, change the directions of your thoughts away from withholding gratitude and appreciation, to fully giving love, appreciation and gratitude to them.

When you give the best of your vibration, loving and appreciating these people, you become a match to what they have. You no longer vibrate as a person who can’t get these things, but rather as a person who is part of these things. You enjoy the things as if they were yours, and you give them every bit of your gratitude for letting you share, even from the sidelines, a little piece of their success. This is giving too. Do it today! Be.Love, Hannya-GP

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