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Coming back from vacation last week, I had numerous opportunities to practice allowing, Law of Attraction, and the importance of the vibrational/emotional scale. This story begins in the Denver airport where I was scheduled to connect from Kansas City, MO to Long Beach, CA. I got to the gate and heard an announcement for an over-sold flight; they were giving $400 toward future travel that was fully transferable and good for one year. I had nothing in particular to do when I arrived home that evening, so I decided to accept the offer and give up my seat on the 1:00 p.m. flight. They re-booked me on the 9:00 p.m. flight, and I was off to have lunch, relax, and enjoy my $400 in travel vouchers in my mind. Perfect timing, I thought.

When the time came to board the 9 p.m. flight, there was a delay…and another delay. People around me began to grumble, but I just made the best of it and listened to some music on my iPod. Finally, they announced that the flight had been canceled and that they would re-book everyone on a flight in the morning. Most people were visibly angry, and a few people lost their temper with the gate agent. I took this as an opportunity to practice feeling better, as I could also feel the initial pain of the disappointment. I stayed quiet, sat to the side, and thought about all the things that were going right in that moment: I had a flight in the morning, nothing to be late for, a hotel that they promised to give me, meal vouchers to use, and a chance to make the best of it. I reached for the best thoughts I could find. In a little time I felt optimistic about how this would all pan out.

The line for re-booking was not moving very fast, but I relaxed and practiced more gratitude in my thinking. Soon, an agent announced that the Service Desk at gate 84 was open to help us. About half of the passengers made a bee-line for gate 84, and I decided to go with them. On the way, I talked with a nice woman who was not feeling great. I said, “this is a great opportunity to get a first-class seat!” She looked puzzled. I said, “the agents will have angry people in their face all night, and I intend to appreciate them, smile, and let them know that I am open to whatever they can do to help me.” Of course, you have to be high on the vibrational scale to pull this off, and I could tell that I was at least optimistic, and moving up to expectation fast. Now it felt like a fun and frisky adventure.

At gate 84 the line was very long, and the grumbling from people continued. In about 15 minutes another desk opened about 80 feet away. They called out to the line, but somehow, I appeared to be the only person to hear the announcement. I turned and walked to the desk and then realized that I was the first person in a line of one. “Thank you Law of Attraction” I thought. I smiled and explained how I gave up my seat for this canceled flight, and the agent said “I remember you from this morning.” She smiled. “Thank you Law of Attraction” I thought. I said how much I appreciated her, and that I knew how hard it was to re-book so many people. She told me that the first confirmed seat would be on the 6 p.m. flight the next day, but that she could put me in first class. I smiled and said “that would be just great.” Then I asked, “is there another earlier flight?” She typed and said that I could standby on the 12:00 noon flight. Then she said, I can put you at the top of the standby list if you want. I said “That would be great…thanks.” “Thank you Law of Attraction” I thought. She then said that she could put me in the Renaissance Hotel, a very nice hotel. I said “That would be great…thanks.” “Thank you Law of Attraction” I thought.

The next day I found my way to the gate 89 at 11:00 a.m. to see if I could get on the flight. On the way I was practicing feeling good while hoping to see a Starbucks and get a cup of coffee. I didn’t see one on my way, but when I got to the gate, I DID see one. “Thank you Law of Attraction” I thought. Well…I almost got on the flight, but the last two passengers made it there at the very last second. “That’s fine,” I thought. I’ll make the best of this day. I got more work done and enjoyed the afternoon. When I finally got into my first-class seat, I was feeling good, probably around the happiness/passion level on the emotional scale. The outcome was a fabulous flight with food, drink, and lots of smiles and laughs with the flight attendants and other passengers. I just love first class. “Thank you Law of Attraction” I thought.

This story represents one plot line that could have turned out very differently. From the moment I felt the disappointment of the canceled flight, I could have spiraled downward on the vibrational scale. I could have had 21 hours of disconnection and hell…but I didn’t. Instead, I had a great time enjoying a bunch of free stuff with fun and happy people. Everybody has this ability to choose the thoughts they entertain. YOU have the ability to enjoy “reality” or hate it. The next time you have an opportunity like I had, make the best of it, reach for the best thoughts you have access to, and look for the magic of the Law of Attraction. Life is supposed to be fun. Enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP

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    2. Lee says:

      What a great example of using the Law of Attraction, the Vibrational scale, and on the fly vision boarding. But this example also illustrates a fourth component….the practice of being patient.
      Too often, in our modern society, we are geared towards immediate gratification; wanting everything we want right hear, right now and you see it everywhere you go. People are racing down the freeways at alarming speeds, the constant huffing and puffin combined with the alternating shifting of weight from one foot to the other while standing in line at the grocery store, the list goes on and on. I think that a lot of people (no one here, of course ; )) have forgotten the simple pleasantries that make life so enjoyable, such as a smile, a pleasant disposition, and consideration for others, especially in uncomfortable situation like the one you demonstrated here.
      For me, I have found it even translates to the Law of Attraction as well. I find myself becoming impatient and down right disappointed at the fact that what I want has not been brought forth into my reality. “Where’s my stuff? Why isn’t LOA working?” when all I have to do is take a second, breath, put a smile on my face and acknowledge “that’s OK. I know it’s on it’s way.”
      By practicing a little patience, you received more than the others who DECIDED not to be patient, and pleasant, and positively supportive.
      Thank you Chris!

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