Secure Your Own Mask Before Helping Others

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The last flight I took there was the normal safely lecture before the jet took off. I pretended to listen (like everyone else) and stared into space. Then, when they got to the part about the oxygen mask coming down from the ceiling it made me think of an important fact of life. This is that you must secure your own mask before helping others. What this means is that you can’t help one other person find their center and connection to Source Energy if you can’t find your own. It is honorable and right to want to be of service and value to others, but you can’t lead another to wellbeing from your sense of not-wellbeing.

The best thing you can do every day is wake, be grateful, and find your sense of bliss and wellbeing before you do anything else. If you see people throughout the day and they sense your good feeling vibration, they are going to want to join you and feel good too. Law of Attraction will line you up with others who feel good too, and you will uplift those who interact with you as well. If you don’t take care of your own vibration first, they will sense this too and will join you in not feeling good. Law of Attraction can line you up with miserable-feeling people just as easily. It’s OK to be selfish when we are talking about putting on your air mask first before you help others. Then let it be OK too that you put on your vibration of wellbeing before trying to assist others to find their wellbeing. Get into the Vortex, and then guide others there to join you. You will be so much more effective doing it in this order. Your power and influence is expanded and multiplied when you are in the Vortex and feeling good, so doing it any other way is not efficient, advisable, or even practical.  Make this day be the best day of your life (so far!), and put on your mask of wellbeing and connection. Marie-GP

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