Live As If Your Love Depended On It!

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I was thinking this morning about the phrase “as if your life depended on it,” like when someone says “run as if your life depends on it.” It has several angles worth examining. When you say that your life depends on something, it tends to get your attention. With attention comes focus, and through focus we get clarity. When you are clear about what you want, it is easier to become aligned with an idea. When you are aligned, the Law of Attraction does it’s magic and brings more things to you that are a match to the alignment you have created. So anything that gets your attention can be of benefit to your progress as you create a deliberate life of bliss and connection.

But does your life really depend on something for its existence? Aren’t we eternal beings? Surely we will all make a transition someday back into pure, positive energy. But that won’t be an end, it will just be another transition in an ever-unfolding Universe of expansion. So if we fear death as an end, it can certainly get our attention and give us focus and motivation…but it may cause us to chase our connection to Source from a disconnected, fear-based focus. So I don’t recommend creating focus through fear. So the phrase, “live as if your life depended on it” seems less helpful from this perspective.

So this morning I am using the following phrase to focus my attention to my wellbeing: “Today I live as if my love depends on it!” I am an eternal being. My life is assured. The only real question I have today, then, is whether or not I am allowing my full connection to Source Energy (Love) or not. When I live as if my love depends on it, I take a focused look at how I feel today, knowing that I can open in love, or I can turn from love and be closed off from it. When I choose thoughts that feel good as I think them…thoughts of gratitude, appreciation, wellbeing, etc., I open up my consciousness to higher and higher (better feeling) vibrations. I become a conduit of love and connection. I uplift everyone in my experience (even through cyberspace).

Choose today to pay attention to how you feel, and see if you can allow more love into your vibration. Love yourself first, and then let that love radiate out everywhere you go, into every interaction you have. Love your day, love your cup of coffee, love your job, and love everyone you come into contact with. Your life doesn’t depend on it, but your love does. Live in love today. Enjoy this most amazing day. Chris-GP

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      Love this post about LOVE! Thanks Chris

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