Law of Attraction: What You Get Is What You Align With!

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The Law of Attraction makes so much sense when you look at it broadly from the circumstances it creates in people’s lives. Your life, right now, is a reflection of the things you have been giving your focus to for a while. All the things…wanted and unwanted…that you have been experiencing have been invited into your reality by YOU! You may say, “but I didn’t ask for my present condition,” especially if you don’t like the way things are going for you right now. But while you didn’t speak words asking for your condition, you did ask for it through your vibration, which Law of Attraction matched and magnified. The average vibration of your thoughts, feelings, and actions always equals your point if attraction, and your point of attraction is what is matched, expanded, and made “real” for you. So if you want to know how your average vibration has been lately, just look at the outward manifestation you have right now. How are you doing, in your opinion?

Sometimes, though, I can’t see the relationship between my thoughts, feelings, and actions and the results I am experiencing. Occasionally I can’t make the connection. When this happens, don’t worry or doubt yourself. It’s still a match, even if you didn’t know you were attracting it. For example, if you had something taken from you by a thief, you may wonder how such an incident is a match when you didn’t think about being robbed. But remember that Law of Attraction reads and matches your vibration. You were probably giving your attention and focus, and therefore your alignment, to things that made you feel vulnerable or unworthy. These things could be stories that friends told you, or stories in the news, or movies on TV, or anything that whipped up disconnection in subtle or not-so-subtle ways.

There is no Law of Assertion. Nothing can be in your experience that you don’t invite in through your attention and focus. Just remember that you will align with the things you choose to focus on, whether you want them in your experience or not. If you love scary novels, be prepared to invite some drama into your real life now and again. If you let people complain to you over and over again, be ready to experience some of their problems in your life at some point. If you move down the emotional scale as a daily habit because of the thoughts you choose to think, expect to see some weird stuff that you would prefer not to experience popping up now and again. Instead, choose the things you give your attention to the same way you choose the clothes you wear, or the food you eat. Do it by choice, based on the pleasure you get from it.

Law of Attraction is all about alignment. What you align with is what you will get more and more of, and you have the ultimate control to choose your thoughts and focus. If things are going well, stay the course. If you are ready for a change, get more particular with how you spend your time and energy and focus. In a very short tome you will see how consistent Law of Attraction really is, and how you can really be, do, or have anything you want. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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      Thanks Chris. Your posts are always an inspiration and help to me.

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