Learning To Cultivate Gratitude and Appreciation!

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Author: Marie Gee (26 Articles)

Marie is a contributing author and technical assistant at Gratitude Planet. She loves music, fine wine, and great coffee.

Some people get frustrated that they can’t remain positive and grateful more of the time. You certainly can relate to falling into vibrations that feel like pessimism, frustration, worry, doubt, guilt or blame. We all feel these vibrations, and it’s all part of being a human being living a human experience. These feelings are natural, and they help us know where we are on the Vibrational Scale. But remaining in these vibrational ranges is counterproductive and can only keep you away from what you are wanting to manifest and experience.

However, if you think that it is your duty to be always positive and grateful all the time, you may be setting yourself up for confusion and frustration. You may find yourself slipping into, say, anger, and then beating yourself up because you slipped into anger. Beating yourself up just intensifies the feeling of not being where you want to be, and you may slip into an even less-good feeling vibration. Likewise, if you don’t feel good, and you try to smile and pretend that you do, you once again shine a light on an awareness that you are not where you want to be. So what should you do?

I recommend that you do the best you can to feel the best that you can. Sounds too simple, right? But what I am saying is that you simply try to feel a little better by thinking a thought that feels just slightly better than the one you are experiencing. If you are angry, look for thoughts in your mind that feel more like discouragement or blame. Neither of these feel very good either, but they do feel better, and they give you a sense of relief from the feeling of anger. At each emotional/vibrational level you cultivate a new vibration that puts you closer and closer to gratitude, appreciation, and love. It’s like planting seeds in the ground, watering them and caring for them, and knowing that soon you will reap a bountiful harvest. In this case, the harvest is a place of connection where the Law of Attraction can line you up with your desires.

The lower-feeling vibrations help us know what we want with even more clarity, and they give us a boost to move into better-feeling vibrations. So today, just notice how you are feeling and do your best to relax, find a feeling that feels better to you than the one you are feeling, and move up the scale…not pretending, but instead cultivating. Be real, and just feel. Soon you will be able to move up the Vibrational Scale quickly, and you will be in a range that feels good more of the time…you will be inside the Vortex of creation where vibrational alignment is the rule. Be Well, Marie-GP

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