Law of Attraction Is Your Vibrational Lasso

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lasso |ˈlasō; ˈlasoō; laˈsoō|
noun ( pl. -sos or -soes)
a rope with a noose at one end, used esp. in North America for catching cattle or horses.
verb ( -soes, -soed) [ trans. ]
catch (an animal) with a lasso : at last his father lassoed the horse.

In the old west, every cowboy knew how to catch a wild animal using his lasso. He would spot the animal running or resting, and he would throw the rope over part of it and draw it back to him. The Law of Attraction works kind of like a lasso too. Whenever you give your attention to anything, it is like casting a vibrational lasso and pulling this thing toward you. Notice I said anything. When you see something you don’t want, and you want to get it out of your experience, there is no tool for pushing it away. The only tool in your tool kit is your lasso. It is very easy to pull something to you using a good, strong rope. But have you ever tried moving something heavy by pushing it with a rope? It is impossible to do!

Yet, sometimes we try…unsuccessfully…to push things out of our experience by sheer effort. Once you realize that there is only attraction, and that you attract by including things in your perception, then you will be able to picture yourself with your lasso, pulling all things toward you. You will no longer be quite as willing to pull things you don’t want toward you. You will realize that all day, every day, you are casting your rope into the vibrational world…you never stop doing this.

So today, be aware of how you use your vibrational lasso, and look only for the things you want closer to you vibrationally. The rest will take care of itself, and you will be an even more powerful and deliberate creator. Be.Love today! Hannya-GP

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