You Are A Master Chef In The Kitchen Of Your Life!

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Here is a tip to help you allow and create the life you have always wanted: Be like a master chef in a well-stocked commercial kitchen. The Law of Attraction is always matching your vibration so that you get more of what ever you focus upon through your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This is a wonderful thing because your results, and your life, will always be an outpouring of your average focus over time. You will live the life you have created, even if you didn’t realize you were creating it. I find this to be amazingly empowering because I like knowing that I have complete control to guide my life and harness the forces of the Universe for joy, love, expansion, and creative expression. No one can think, feel and act for me, so what I get will always be a direct match to the average vibration I have been offering over time. I get to decide for me. Yea!

Once you come to the realization and conscious understanding that your life results parallel your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you can start noticing what you think, feel, and do on a daily basis. What are your habits of thinking? Do you tend to think like an optimist or a pessimist? Do you justify pessimism in your thinking by labeling it “realism?” What if “realism” is just your habit of thinking, and what if optimistic outcomes could become “real” for you instead? Would you change your patterns of thinking to look for the best in things? What are your habits of feeling? Does it feel normal for you to feel sad, irritated, frustrated, or dis-empowered on a daily basis? Are mad at everything including your spouse, boss, or your government? Your feelings are always justified, by the way. But you have a choice in the ways you focus your attention, and as your focus of attention changes, so will your habits of feeling. What are your habits of doing? What activities do you give your time and focus to, and do you enjoy these activities? Are you bored by the things you do, or do you feel a calling toward these activities? How you answer these questions will help you clarify your point of attraction, which is the vibrational signal you broadcast in all directions, and the signal that Law of Attraction reads, matches, magnifies, and aligns you with to create your “reality.” Your signal never stops, but it can change with your attention to your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Imagine being a master chef in a well-stocked commercial kitchen. You can make any dish you choose to make, and you have all the required knowledge and resources at your fingertips. What will you make? The first thing I would make would be my favorite Indian meal, Saag Paneer! I would get the spinach and cheese ready, and I would savor the smells and tastes, and I would enjoy the process of creating the meal. Sitting down to this meal would be like the results of Law of Attraction in my life…I would get a great result based on my focus of energy and desire for specific tastes. But what if I decided to use the first ingredients I found near the stove instead? What if I decided to use literally anything I noticed? The result might be a soup with a really weird combination of tastes. It might be salty, sweet, and bitter at the same time. When I sit to eat this soup, I get to decide if my focus gave me the results I wanted. Most likely, I will enjoy the Saag Paneer much more than the haphazard soup, because I got to decide what I wanted to include more carefully, and I had a recipe to follow that I knew would lead to a successful outcome.

What, then, is the recipe for creating and attracting a successful life? Be like a master chef. Live your day looking for the ingredients that will make your life feel and taste good as you live it. Look for reasons to feel grateful and appreciative. Tell stories about how well things are going for you. Look for evidence of wellbeing in others, and make it a point to tell others the good you see in them. Make the best of every event. Choose to change your habits of thinking, feeling and acting so that you judge things by how good you feel, rather than defaulting to the most practiced experience or emotion. Choose the ways you express your life as if you were creating the best meal you can imagine, and refuse to include things that spoil the taste for you. Take others’ opinions of what you are creating with a “grain of salt,” realizing that YOU will be the only one eating and experiencing this masterful culinary experiment. You are the chef. You get to choose. Yea!

I hope this image helps you see your life as an amazing opportunity to create anything you desire. Every time you reflect on how things are presently going for you, see yourself eating the meal you have crafted over time for yourself. If it tastes great, savor the flavor and keep doing what you are doing. If you crave a different diet, simply change your habits of thinking, feeling and acting until the meal takes on a new flavor and spice. You always get to choose, so choose well today. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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