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I had a minor revelation a couple of nights ago as I pondered how I felt and how I was interacting with others. I realized, in a deeper way than ever before, that I can offer little to others if I am not connected to Source Energy myself. When you feel connected, you feel good. Connection feels like fun, expansion, gratitude, and appreciation. Feeling good is your number one job, especially if you want to be of value to others. And yet, we have been told by many that the best way to serve others is through hard work and sacrifice. The message was something like “don’t be selfish, put others first, give more than you take, and do it as long as you can keep it up. Someday, after your death, you will be rewarded.” I am sure that you have received this message in some form, at some time, from people in your life. Here are five things to remember as you put all this into perspective:

1. There is no shortage of Source Energy. It exists in abundance and will never run out.

2. You are worthy to receive Source Energy. There is no test to pass to make you worthy. It is yours for the taking, and it is free.

3. When you allow Source Energy to flow through you, you have everything to give. When you are disconnected from Source Energy, you have very little to give, and what you try to do from sheer work won’t make as much of a difference to others.

4. When you are motivated without being connected to Source Energy, people will be less inspired by your words and actions. Your intention to uplift others will be watered down. When you are inspired through your connection to Source Energy, people will sense your enthusiasm, your genuine gratitude and appreciation, and your full belief that all is well.

5. The Law of Attraction works the same if you are connected to Source Energy, as it does if you are NOT connected to Source Energy. So it is impossible, by Universal law, to attract something different than your own vibrational offering. Through your conscious connection to Source Energy, you set the bar that determines your power, expansion, allowing, and value to others.

The insight I received the other evening happened when I was feeling good while talking over dinner. The conversation was fun and expanding, and I had so much to say that felt good while I said it. At one point the conversation, for what ever reason, turned to a topic that didn’t feel as good. Without thinking, I joined in and helped the conversation feel worse and worse, adding comments and stories that moved me away from my Source Energy. I started moving down the vibrational scale until I felt pretty disconnected and even sad. I could see that my friends were also feeling the “buzz kill” of the conversation.

Now, from my disconnection I decided to uplift the table by saying things that felt a little better. However, I was trying to offer these words before I felt better myself. Saying the words actually made me feel worse, and I could tell that it felt awkward to the others too. So then I remained quiet for a short time, maybe two minutes, and just thought thoughts of gratitude and appreciation. Talking to myself felt easier than trying to change others from my point of disconnection, and within two minutes I had a good-feeling vibration rolling again.

My next offering to the group was met with smiles and felt like it made a positive difference to the vibration of the group. Notice today when you move ahead in your connection to Source Energy, and when you just move ahead to make something happen. Start being more sensitive to the way you feel when you are working, and when you are flowing with Source. Flow more, work less, and be filled with love and gratitude. Enjoy this most amazing day!  Chris-GP

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