Life Is Defined By Expansion And Allowing!

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When you ask for something through your vibrational output (and this happens automatically and continuously), the Law of Attraction lines you up with it. Your life is a constant reflection of what you have been thinking and vibrating in the past. Luckily, when you think something and feel a certain way, it doesn’t manifest instantly. While you might want the things you desire to suddenly manifest the moment you think of them, be glad that this lapse of time exists. Imagine if what you thought became “real” as you thought it. If you thought about wealth, you would become instantly rich. However, if you felt disconnected and powerless, you would immediately crash your car, or become deadly sick.

But our thoughts take time to manifest, and it takes a certain amount of momentum to create a manifestation. What you experience in any given moment is more of a vibrational average of what you have been offering over time. It is the culmination of your thoughts, feelings, and actions that create your point of attraction over time. This is why when you think a connected thought, you don’t see instant well being…and when you think a disconnected thought, you don’t get instant contrast. This is a great thing, trust me.

Now, this leads us to the fact that you will always be moving between connection and disconnection, feeling good and feeling not-so-good. It’s part of being human on Planet Earth. Disconnection (or contrast) helps you clarify what you want by identifying what you don’t want. In every disconnected moment you literally create something new (and what you would call better) in your vibration. Once it is created, you have the opportunity to attract it to you and allow it to manifest. Until you create it (through contrast) it literally does not exist for you. So your job is to move through your day, notice how you feel, and do your best to feel the best you can.

But when you find yourself in a bad-feeling, disconnected moment of great contrast…take a deep breath and affirm that “I just expanded my asking, and I am ready to move back into feeling better. I am an amazing creator!” You will never feel good all the time. It’s alright to expand and create through feeling disconnected occasionally. Just remember that you can’t allow your new creation while you are creating it. You job, once you feel better, is to receive your new expansion through feeling good. Start today by simply noticing when you are expanding, and when you are allowing. Life is defined by expansion and allowing. If you feel not-so-good, you are creating. If you feel good, you are allowing. We hope you have expanded your allowing by visiting Gratitude Planet and feeling better! Enjoy this most amazing day! Chris-GP

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