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I heard someone talking the other day about how a decline in health is normal as you age. The statement me think about all the people I know who fit this belief, but also about those that do not. I personally know people who are completely well and thriving, and some are young and some are quite old. Likewise, I know people who are not well…some of whom are young and some of whom are old. So it seems that if wellness and health must decline in age, there is evidence that the decline does not happen at the same rate for everyone. There must be variables that make this difference real, and I would guess that most, if not all, of these factors are related to things that we can control if we choose to.

We are told by health professionals that good nutrition and exercise are important to good health, and we are bombarded by the media with health-conscious ads and shows to remind us of the wellness that is available to us. If we just buy their products or do their program, or buy their food, we will be instantly healthy and well, right? Certainly eating right and exercising ARE important to wellness. But what about healthy thinking? What part do the thoughts you think play on your health and well being? They probably play a huge part!

So what do I mean by “healthy thinking?” In the same way that you wouldn’t put poisons in your body on purpose, you don’t have to default to poisonous thoughts either. Poisonous thoughts make you feel worse and worse, and often they have self-deprecating tones like “I am a loser,” or “things never work out for me,” or “I’m not good enough,” or “no one likes me.” Any thought you think that feels like these statements actually causes a cognitive dissonance to be created in your vibration. You see, Source Energy never thinks about you the same way that those poisonous thoughts feel, and when you feel different that Source, you feel bad and worse. You move down the emotional/vibrational scale as you move away from Source Energy. Over time your body and mind take a beating from this dissonance of vibration, and it eventually will show up as a physical symptom of some kind: a cold, a headache, a sickness, or even a dangerous accident. Law of Attraction reads this dissonance and hears something like “I am in conflict with myself. I am like a house divided.” You then manifest events and experiences that match this vibration. You will miss your chances for success and you will not feel the magic that could be in your life.

Your thoughts are just as important as eating and exercising well, and thoughts may be a major factor in the young/sick…old/well scenario that you can observe everyday. Why not feed yourself healthy thoughts like “I am getting better and better everyday,” or “things just seem to work out for me,” or “I forgive myself and everyone in my life,” or “I allow wellness as my natural state of being.” By feeding yourself more optimistic thoughts, you align with Source, and you maximize the vibrational harmony available to you in every moment of your life. Feed yourself healthy thoughts, and then expect wellness to be your experience. If you get inspired to eat and exercise better, go for those experiences too. Law of Attraction will help you expand into this new wellness by attracting new ideas, opportunities, and ideas to your experience. Eat well, move well, and think well today. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you liked this post. Lisa-GP

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